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Fuerza Bruta


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Day 1

Well it’s almost noon and I just rolled out of bed. Ahhhhh, vacation. I’m sitting in Mandi’s favorite coffee shop here, Gorilla Coffee. So here are some of my first observations about Brooklyn:

1. People really do dress up more here. I seen more ladies in dresses my first night out than I have in a month in Seattle.

2. Mandi lives in a cute little apartment that’s probably just about the size of our cute little house, except she pays twice as much we do for our mortgage (so far I think it may be worth it though, Dave lets move to Brooklyn!)

3. uhhhh, well it is my first day so I’ll continue this post later.

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“Start spreading the news…

…I’m leaving today (well, actually tomorrow), I want to be a part of it in old New York (or Brooklyn, as it were)…”

Well, tomorrow I leave for my first big trip away from Coen and I have to say that I feel pretty weird and sad. We had a rough go of it this morning, with tantrums and crying and timeouts. He’s been sick and I’m just staring to catch whatever it is that he got (thanks Dad!) which is basically a recipe for disaster when there is a 2 year old involved. We had a really fun afternoon though, going to the beach and eating doughnuts (shhhh, don’t tell Daddy!).

I know that I will have fun, but I also know that Coen changes so much these days that I will be coming back to a different boy and that makes me not want to leave ever!

He’s in good hands though. Dave is taking the time off of work and Coen loves anything and everything having to do with Daddy. It’s funny, actually, because the comment that I’ve gotten most with regards to my trip has been “oh, I guess Daddy’s in for a surprise” blah, blah, blah. I always find comments like these strange, because Dave is so comfortablebeing a Dad. And he’s so great at it. I envy the way he can just grab Coen and go grocery shopping without a care (or fear) in the world, or cook a whole dinner with Coen “helping” him and not get all stressed out, I certainly do. It reminds me of when Coen was first born and soooo tiny and fragile and every time he needed his clothes changed I would conveniently disappear so I wouldn’t have to do it and Dave never faltered.

So here I go…off on my own…for 6 whole days. Hopefully Coen won’t forget me and Dave won’t realize how little I actually do with my days and I will have a great time reconnecting with myself, but not so much fun that I will forget where I came from (whoa, that was deep). NO…SLEEP…TILL BROOKLYN. peace out, yo.

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Liitle helper

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Good Deeds

So the other day as I was waiting in line at the drive through coffee shop (yes, it is an indulgence) and changing my tunes on my ipod, CRASH. Rear-ended. It’s a good thing that Coen wasn’t in the car with me because I whipped off my sunglasses and started cursing up a storm. We just payed off the car and a few days ago received the title (or deed, ha!) in the mail. Apparently the guy behind me had gotten out of his truck to throw away some trash and had forgotten to put the truck in park (it’s the little details).

Our little Hyundai was no match for his big construction truck. While he sustained no damage what-so-ever, my little car had a nice bruise on it’s rear-end, not much but still an eye-sore. We exchanged info and he expressed to me that he would rather just pay cash to get it fixed than have his insurance involved which was a good thing since we have already had our share of accidents for the year. So after I got my coffee (which he payed for, thank you very much) I went on my merry way and thought about the fact that the lady in line in front of me was lucky because she was not in a car and would have been totally run over if I hadn’t been there.

I didn’t really want some guy to have to pay out of his pocket for this stupid dent in my car. Auto shops charge big bucks for things like fenders, as we well knew from our last accident. And since we aren’t the kind of people who really care all that much about the look of our ride, I pretty much came to the conclusion that I was just going to say the heck with it and let this one slide.

But then I had a better idea.

I called this guy up and told him that my husband and I had talked it over and since we had just payed the car off and didn’t want our insurance to go up yet again that we would not pursue re-payment… in exchange for him donating a denomination of his own choosing to a charity of his choice. His response was “Well I’m sure you noticed all the scars I have, I had a pretty bad burn about 40 years ago and Children’s Hospital took really good care of me, so I’ll write a check for $500 to them.” Wow, I was thinking more like $50, but the more the better right?

The lady at the coffee shop told me he was a good guy and that he would make it right, and I think this will make it just perfect.

Oh and since this is kind of a photoblog, of course I took a picture of it. Here you go…One dent for me, $500 for kids everywhere.


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Coen Rocks

Coen and I spent the afternoon throwing rocks and running around the beach.

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5 free minutes? You just gotta check it out. Too cool to pass up.

I have to credit Dave for this one. After him telling me about how awesome this tool bar is and about all the crazy information he’s come across using it I finally signed up and downloaded it. In my first 2 “stumble” clicks I have learned how to fold a dollar bill into the shape of a button-up dress shirt and found a site that allows the free download of classic literature! Sweet!


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So I decided to start a vegetable garden this year. I think this comes from a whole winter of looking at our yard that we had torn up last fall and waiting ever so patiently for it to be warm enough to start on our projects.

When we bought this house it had absolutely no landscaping (unless you count the tons of gravel that the previous owner had dumped on the weed-filled lawn) and, being the optimists that we are, we had grand plans for a new design. After much shoveling, we finally got all the gravel out (which is now in a pile in our “driveway”) and Dave installed a new fence. Since Seattle had a snowy April we are just getting started…unfortunately that means more digging. The fun thing about digging in the ghetto is that it seems the previous owners of the house basically used the yard as a landfill of sorts which means lots of cool buried treasure. So far we have found toys, hangers, marbles, and this watch…along with enough bricks to build our own chimney (also in a pile in our driveway).

So back to my veggie garden…I planted it the first weekend of May and the only thing that has germinated so far are my radishes. Now I have to say that I don’t think that I have ever actually eaten a radish before. In fact the only time I have ever been served a radish is on a veggie platter at a buffet and they are always the only things left at the end of the party. I guess I will have to start finding recipes to include them in, or Eureka! Coen loves to throw small round things, maybe we’ll just have an unending supply of biodegradable balls (green is so in).

Dave built two raised beds for me which I filled with seeds of spinach, peppers, tomatoes (okay well I bought those from the nursery), swiss chard, zucchini, cucumber, butternut squash, beans and carrots. I am trying to be patient and wait for the other things to get growing but I find myself staring at the dirt and cursing the seeds, then start poking the ground with my finger in hopes of finding something hiding under the soil. I’m sure it’s not helping, but I have this picture in my head of going out to my organic garden and filling a basket full of vegetables and then charitably giving some away to friends and family (I have to say in this daydream I also have beautiful long flowing hair and am tan like a Greek goddess, hey, it’s my dream isn’t it?).

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what comes up!



If I do say so myself…

Welcome to my blog!

Yipee! I’ve wanted to start a blog for awhile now and thanks to my new Nikon D40 (thanks Dave!) I have a perfect excuse to do it! I have a little fear in the back of my head that it will turn out like all the ridiculous diaries I wrote in middle school…so I am going to focus more on the photo-journal aspects and less on the overuse of adjectives. Now if I can only figure out how to upload photos…

If I do say so myself...

Hey look! I did it! And it only took me an hour and a half.

This is a picture of what my mirror looked like when I woke up on Mother’s Day. Sweet, huh?


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