“Start spreading the news…

…I’m leaving today (well, actually tomorrow), I want to be a part of it in old New York (or Brooklyn, as it were)…”

Well, tomorrow I leave for my first big trip away from Coen and I have to say that I feel pretty weird and sad. We had a rough go of it this morning, with tantrums and crying and timeouts. He’s been sick and I’m just staring to catch whatever it is that he got (thanks Dad!) which is basically a recipe for disaster when there is a 2 year old involved. We had a really fun afternoon though, going to the beach and eating doughnuts (shhhh, don’t tell Daddy!).

I know that I will have fun, but I also know that Coen changes so much these days that I will be coming back to a different boy and that makes me not want to leave ever!

He’s in good hands though. Dave is taking the time off of work and Coen loves anything and everything having to do with Daddy. It’s funny, actually, because the comment that I’ve gotten most with regards to my trip has been “oh, I guess Daddy’s in for a surprise” blah, blah, blah. I always find comments like these strange, because Dave is so comfortablebeing a Dad. And he’s so great at it. I envy the way he can just grab Coen and go grocery shopping without a care (or fear) in the world, or cook a whole dinner with Coen “helping” him and not get all stressed out, I certainly do. It reminds me of when Coen was first born and soooo tiny and fragile and every time he needed his clothes changed I would conveniently disappear so I wouldn’t have to do it and Dave never faltered.

So here I go…off on my own…for 6 whole days. Hopefully Coen won’t forget me and Dave won’t realize how little I actually do with my days and I will have a great time reconnecting with myself, but not so much fun that I will forget where I came from (whoa, that was deep). NO…SLEEP…TILL BROOKLYN. peace out, yo.

  1. #1 by Dave on May 29, 2008 - 9:18 am

    one night down, you are missed but hope you’re having fun!

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