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Our little monkey

Coen has pretty much always been a cautious little boy. He never really does anything without thinking about it long and hard. When we go somewhere new he will quietly survey the scene, watching what everyone is doing and then tentatively start exploring on his own. This is not typical two-year old behavior, for those of you who don’t have kids. Most two-year olds dive head first into any possible dangerous situation that they can think of. Not Coen. This has it’s obvious benefits…we haven’t had any major bleeders, falls, or incidences losing him in a shopping mall yet. But it definitely baffles his parents who are not the cautious type. His behavior today at the park shocked us both. Up he went, climbing a treacherous – I’m not sure what they call it – ladder type thing that led up to the play structure. And then he climbed up the big slide too. He was so proud of this accomplishments that he actually bowed to us at the end (apparently thanking us for our support). Here are some pics.

 Too cold?

Up high

Climbing the slide

Sliding 3

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She’s got legs

What I love about my girlfriends…

  • No matter how long it’s been since we last saw each other we always fall right back in sync and know exactly where each other is coming from.
  • They have been known for actually punching people out for disrespecting one of the “crew.” (Thanks Alisha!)
  • We always make an superb entrance when we walk into a joint together.
  • At one point in time each of them has either had a shaved head…a Mohawk…brightly colored hair or piercings in a certain part(s) of their bodies, and we still think we are the “normal” ones in our group.
  • It took us 20 minutes to figure out how to heat up bread in the oven at our last “dinner (read: what can we find at the store that doesn’t require any effort) party” because we all have better things to do with our time than learn how to cook.
  • Even though I am no longer one of the single girls…they still see me as my carefree self and don’t put me in a box just because I have a husband and kid.
  • They all know what they want and expect that they will get it.

I had to take a picture of the ladies in heels and skirts…in the (gasp) kitchen. It was such a funny moment to me…never in a hundred years could I have ever imagined THAT would happen. Here’s to you ladies…


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Playing Dominos

One of my favorite magazines is Domino, mostly for the pretty pictures of the pretty houses. Today (as well as going to the beach, see below) I pretended I was a photographer for Domino, and took some shots of the house. And if anyone is wondering why I have so much time on my hands these days it’s because I have had the last few days off of work. Sheesh, imagine what I could accomplish of I didn’t work at all! Except Coen would miss his Grandma and Grandpa too much…and we’d be broke. Here they are.

Living Room
Living room

Entrance/rest of living room



Dining Room
Dining Room

And a little something I picked up for Coen on my NYC trip…a Number 4 subway train.
NYC trinket

There are (surprisingly) a few more rooms that you don”t see here…because, well, I’m not Martha Stewart and I had to have somewhere to store all the crap you don’t see! Our house is tiny, but it’s all ours!


Another day at the beach

What I love about living in West Seattle…the beaches! I accidentally left my ISO setting at 1600, which worked in my favor, I think. I love the graininess it produced. Here are some photos.

Balancing Act

Throwing rocks




Self Portrait

So I finally bought a remote control shutter release (and for only $12, what a deal). Here is my first self portrait.


Definitely my best angle. 🙂

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Model Husband

One more reason my husband rocks…after a day spent with Coen at the Fremont street fair (leaving mommy at home to do some “stuff” by herself) he agreed to pose for my first unofficial photo shoot. And even after threatening to post all the worst shots on my blog because he kept making me laugh-which is not the best way to capture an in focus shot-he still sat through 159 photos. Quite a guy, that Dave. I got a chance to try out the white balance feature of my camera and finally found a good use for the fabric I bought 2 years ago that I was going to sew into something super cool but instead has been sitting in Coen’s closet. Yay me! Here are the (pathetically only) best shots.

Cutie pie in a tie

Where do I look?

Best one

This is my favorite, by far. You can tell it’s toward the end of the shoot.

Getting irritated

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New way of looking

The thing I love about art is the way it forces you to look at things from different perspectives. I have been having a lot of fun with my new camera and the “photog goggles” it gives me throughout the day as I look around at my surroundings. Someone once told me that when people exaggerate they do it to convey the way they felt during that moment, not necessarily to make you think that what they are saying is actually how it was. Someday…maybe I’ll be able to do that with pictures. But for now I’m still just trying to figure out how my camera works. Here are some shots from today.


Coen's room


You gotta be kidding

And I promise to find things other than Coen to take pictures of at some point.

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Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!

This was the first year that Coen was old enough to pick out a Father’s Day gift. He chose a baseball glove and since he was very insistent that Daddy get two presents, he also picked out a lovely palm tree covered tie (that was my idea – not the palm tree part, but the tie part. Original, huh?).

My sister and I had a little surprise from my trip to New York for my Dad, a CD from our session at StoryCorps.  We had a lot of fun putting it together and I definitely have to give Mandi props for thinking up such a brilliant idea. I hope he enjoys listening to it!

Here are some of today’s best shots…if you want to see more click here.

 glove head


Clear sky 2




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I am not a morning person. Neither is Dave. The past two mornings Coen has woken up at a deadly 6:00am. When this happen Dave and I usually have a conversation that goes something like this.

Coen: sounds of binkies being thrown across the room. “Maaaaammmaaaa!”

Dave: “Uuugghhhhhhhhh. What is the deal?”

Coen: “Moooommy!”

Me: pretend to be sleeping through it. Sometimes I think that if I don’t actually open my eyes or make any kind of movement I will be invisible, kind of like the prey of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Dave: silence, (I think he’s on to my technique)

Me or Dave: “I got up with him last time.” (This could either be the truth or a total lie)

Coen:  “Mooooooom!”

Me or Dave: “Whatever…you got to sleep in twice in a row on yada yada days.”

Whoever decides to be the martyr: fake get up (What is this, you ask? This is when you make the effort to at least sit halfway up but then lay back down and think up a really good reason that you should be the one to sleep in) – It’s my birthday month, I’ve been working really hard, I just installed the fence, I breastfed all night long for the first year – all come to mind. A slight nudge usually proceeds this.

Coen: giving up on mommy “Daaaady! Come here!”

Whoever lost that battle: “Fiiiiiiine.” Get up. Go into Coen’s room. Then proceed to be just loud enough that the person sleeping can’t really fall back asleep or (my personal fav) faux niceties like bringing in breakfast, of course making Coen do it so you really couldn’t say no.

Here’s wishing Coen starts sleeping in real soon.


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Point and Shoot

In honor of leaving my camera at a friends house the other day and a conversation with my photog friend Ryann, here are a few photos from back in the day when I didn’t have a super cool Nikon D40. Who says you can’t just point and shoot?


This one was taken in Cabo where Dave’s parents own an incredible condo on the beach…also the site of the infamous surprise pregnancy test. Tequila? What tequila?

First Halloween

Coen’s first trip to the pumpkin patch.


Coen’s little feet get me every time.

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