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Shameless self promotion

Laura at chose the picture I submitted for this weeks What’s Your Play! I am honored and super excited to see how people use their mad editing skills to turn the picture into something fabulous, especially since my 30 day trial of Adobe’s Lightroom has come to an end.

Here is my play, and don’t forget to click on her link and view the comments to see the different “plays” or join the fun and send her a comment wth your edit!

This is a picture I took of a building they are tearing down next to my office. I just had to get a shot of the sign…
newly decorated units available




There was a really funny post over at “navel gazing at its finest” the other day about mommy confessions. This lady is hilarious and so are the people who commented on the post! I don’t have many “confessions” yet but here are some that no one knows (until now):

1) When Coen was a newborn, I once dressed him up as a little girl…just to see what it would be like to have a daughter. Really the clothes were more metro-sexual – nothing pink – but they still did the job. She was so cute!

2) Sometimes I steal quarters out of Coen’s piggy bank for the parking meter…or coffee…when I don’t have any cash.

3) I give Coen way too many sweets…just so I can see his little face light up when I say “ice cream” or “M&Ms”.

4) I count the tomato paste on pizza as a vegetable serving.

Not too bad for a first time mommy, huh?



Why my husband is RAD…number…actually I’ve stopped counting at this point

Not to get all mushy on you guys, but my husband rocks! Coen has been needing mommy’s attention more than usual these days…I guess I am the “it” parent right now. Last night Dave and I had a rare night out…together…without Coen. We had to take separate cars because he had to load in his band stuff and I had to stay to meet the babysitter (thanks again Alisha!) and put Coen to bed. I offered up myself to be the sober driver so he could get a little crazy and let loose  and we thought that leaving the truck downtown would be the perfect excuse to go get breakfast at Glo’s, our old neighborhood breakfast joint. But then after a satisfying morning of egg’s bene and mickey mouse pancakes we were in too much of a food coma to remember that the whole reason we went back to the “hill” was to pick up the dang truck!

Fast forward to after nap time and much “Coen, stop climbing on Mommy!” “Coen, mommy will be back in a second, she just went to the bathroom” Dave took Coen on an impromptu bus ride to go pick up the truck and make a little adventure out of it while mommy chills. (I find it fitting that when you become a parent you all of a sudden start referring to yourself in third person.) And while that’s nice what makes it rock is that he did it even after I broke my promise to let him sleep in this morning and crawled into bed at 9 and forced him to get up and deal with Coen crying for Mommy for twenty minutes. I can be such a jerk 🙂

Now if I could only stop feeling guilty for “just chilling” my life would be absolutely perfect!



Southside 2.0

I got another chance to try out my photo skills during a Southside show at Chop Suey. It was Aerosmith cover night and a bunch of local bands played some rockin’ songs. It was awesome to see Southside (a hip-hop group) cover some good old rock ‘n roll. Here are the best shots.







What’s your play?

One of my favorite new websites Dolcepics holds a fun photo editing game called “What’s your play” every Tuesday. Laura (the talented photoblogger) posts a picture taken straight out of the camera for her readers to edit as they wish. This is my submission for the third week. You can see her original shot here and my “plays” here. Go to her site and click on the comments to see everyone else’s edits. Fun!

What's your play - take 3

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On a lighter note…

…we caught the last half hour of White Center’s Jubilee Days, an annual street fair that happens just down the street from us.

Jubilee days

Jubilee days

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I don’t even like crows…

…but I don’t want to watch this little guy die in my front yard either. His parent’s are keeping vigil in the trees above our house. In fact this is the one shot I could take before getting dive bombed and running back inside. He fell out of his nest and broke his leg and now is just scooting around our front yard and looking up at his parents with his mouth open. Nature is pretty cruel sometimes.

Baby crow

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Breakin’ the rules

There was a lovely post over at Shutter Sisters today about breaking the rules of photography. Since I am new to photography I’m still not sure I can even comprehend the statement “there are a lot of things technically wrong with this shot” – what does that mean??? Really, I’m serious, what does it mean? In fact the other day I checked out a bunch of books at the library about photography and while browsing through them thought to myself…”Do I really want to know all this? Do I want to have this knowledge in my head when I am out playing with my camera? Can I live up to all of these rules about what makes a good shot?” What I know is that I want to be able to use my camera in whatever why I decide. But I don’t want to have any moments of “well, blah blah blah person thinks that this particular random thing is distracting so I guess little old me shouldn’t try it out.”

As a parent I struggle with this concept often. Coen will be happily playing with his paints and decide he needs the whole can of red paint in his picture. As much as I can I try not to direct him in any way when we are doing things, as long as it won’t lead to any major bodily harm. When I let him play with my camera the other day I admit I said (a few times) “Hey, point it at my face!” but one of the coolest shots he took was of my shoulder, no face included. The great (and often frustrating) thing about two year olds is that they don’t know the rules. Now this is not to say that we don’t have rules for Coen…he picks up his toys after he’s done playing, we don’t have ice cream for breakfast, etc. but when it comes to exploring the world we pretty much let him at it.

Strangely enough, our son, who comes from parents who thrive on creativity, is a stickler for rules. He has been known to lay down the law for those unsuspecting strangers who don’t know the particuler rule that they are breaking and never fails to look over at us like “Mom! Dad! That’s not the way you’re supposed to do it!” as if we are the disciplinarians of the world population.

So here’s to breaking some rules this week. This is a shot I took today…I’m sure there is some rule breaking in there somewhere (but really it just an excuse to post a cute shot of my kid playing drums at Guitar Center.)

Little Drummer Boy



Back to the basics

After yesterday’s frustrating photo editing experience I decided to start shooting in manual mode. For some reason this is really intimidating to me. It’s like I’m saying to world “Hey look! I’m a real photographer! I don’t need to stinkin’ presets!” I have to say, I like it already…here are some pictures of my first try in -da da da DA! – Manual Mode.




Playing with photo software

I know pretty much nothing about photo editing software…other than you can download free trial versions that let you play with them for 30 days at Adobe. Pretty much the photos I take are the photos I take. I borrowed a book from the library yesterday on PhotoShop Elements, the sissy version of The PhotoShop. I decided to play with it today while Coen was napping and here is why it was not fun.

1) I decided to edit a picture that I had previously taken because I liked the way the colors popped so I wanted to enhance them…but the item with the popping color was a pair of shoe laces. Shoe laces people! Talk about tedious!

2) I used a mouse with a rollerball…shoe laces people! What was I thinking?!?

3) The rest of the picture already had subdued colors so when I FINALLY finished with the shoe laces and looked at the photo…I was like “What’s the difference?”

Basically I added a B&W layer and then removed the layer over the shoe laces to reveal the original color. This would be cool in a whole lot of pictures…but not the one that I chose. Maybe I’ll just stick with learning the basics for now…here is the before and after, just in case you were wondering.


Playing with photoshop elements

Not very thrilling, is it?

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