Love songs

B.C. (Before Coen) we asked one of our friends, Justin, who had just become a new parent himself, what it’s like to have a kid. His response was “It’s like falling in love.” True that.

It’s funny how the love of a child mirrors the love of a partner. You get butterflys when you see them, even annoying things are cute, you get jealous when they pay attention to someone else, and they take over your entire heart.

Before bed every night Coen and I sit in our rocking chair and sing lullabies. Not the traditional kind…Dave has a penchant for the Cure…me old Broadway musicals. He went through a phase when he started making requests, mostly for made-up songs about the things he loves – Grandma and Grandpa, binkies, Thomas the Train, and one 6 month stint of “Row, Row, Row your boat” (I thought I’d never get that song out of my head). Now sometimes he’ll let me sneak in an actual song. Here’s a link to my new favorite. I’m not much for soft-rock, or whatever you call it…but this fits my love for Coen so perfectly. Check out the video to hear it.
Everything РMichael Buble

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