Stupid things I think about when I don’t have Dave around to entertain me

Sooooo…day 10 of Dave’s trip…here are some stupid things I think about when I am alone:

1. When checking your email and someone emails you at that moment should you give them some sort of grace period or just email them back? Would it seem too needy? On the same note, am I obligated to respond to comments made on my blog? Is it rude of me if I don’t? Are there rules of blogging?

2. If you are at a place like a park with your child and some other parent is enforcing a “rule” that is retarded and isn’t part of your own parenting philosophy (like “stop climbing on that” or “don’t get yourself dirty”) – I mean, isn’t the point of bringing your kid to the park so that they can explore and climb on things? Am I obligated to tell my own kid that he can’t do it either or should I just keep telling him “you can do it! Alright! You climbed all the way up! Good job!” and “sure Coen, bringing a water bottle into the sandbox sounds like a great idea! Let’s make a moat!” while the other parent looks at me in horror?

3. I think of what I will say when I give a toast at my girlfriends weddings, even though most of them aren’t even seeing anyone seriously. As weird as that sounds I have to say that in my head they are great toasts and I each time I make myself cry a little bit. Also, in this dream everyone thinks that my speech was the funniest and most charming thing they’ve ever heard and can’t help but say to themselves “wow – beautiful, smart, creative – and she is such a great mother…how does she do it all?”

As much as I like a little time to myself every once in a while…Dave comes home tonight! yayyyy!

  1. #1 by jesseybean on July 11, 2008 - 6:49 pm

    You are funny! #1: Its not rude if you dont reply to a comment. If everyone had to reply to a reply, these things would go on forEVER.
    #2: Let your kids do what you think is right. Other parents are dumb. Hehe
    #3 : Its nice that you think of your friends enough to want to give them a toast.

  2. #2 by Jill on July 12, 2008 - 8:22 pm

    I’m with Jesseybean! Esp with #2. Don’t let other parents dicate how you bring up your own child. That’s their crap, not yours! Let them get messy, climb the trees, or roll down the hill and get grass stains on their pants. Life is about living in the moment.

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