Playing with photo software

I know pretty much nothing about photo editing software…other than you can download free trial versions that let you play with them for 30 days at Adobe. Pretty much the photos I take are the photos I take. I borrowed a book from the library yesterday on PhotoShop Elements, the sissy version of The PhotoShop. I decided to play with it today while Coen was napping and here is why it was not fun.

1) I decided to edit a picture that I had previously taken because I liked the way the colors popped so I wanted to enhance them…but the item with the popping color was a pair of shoe laces. Shoe laces people! Talk about tedious!

2) I used a mouse with a rollerball…shoe laces people! What was I thinking?!?

3) The rest of the picture already had subdued colors so when I FINALLY finished with the shoe laces and looked at the photo…I was like “What’s the difference?”

Basically I added a B&W layer and then removed the layer over the shoe laces to reveal the originalĀ color. This would be cool in a whole lot of pictures…but not the one that I chose. Maybe I’ll just stick with learning the basics for now…here is the before and after, just in case you were wondering.


Playing with photoshop elements

Not very thrilling, is it?

  1. #1 by Dad on July 17, 2008 - 5:36 pm

    You’re right, “not very thrilling” in this case but only because the boots and shoes are so close to B&W that it is hard to tell. If the original objects were more colorful the impact of the “operation” would be thrilling. I say it is a great technique to learn to use to get attention to any photo.
    You are doing fine. Thanks

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