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Me, me, ME!!

It’s really hard to take pictures of yourself…so why not have a two year old take them?! Amy inspired this photo shoot with some great pictures she sent of her son’s amazing photo skills. I downloaded a free trial of some photo editing software and had much fun today trying it out.  Here they are.

Just playing

His perspective

Click, click, click

Blowing kisses



Well…I have a new-found respect for band photographers…bad lighting…too many people to get in the shots…ugly equipment in the background…I could go on, but I won’t bore you with it all. Here are some of the best shots. Thanks SouthSide for a great show!

Southside Show

Southside Show

Southside Show

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Stupid things I think about when I don’t have Dave around to entertain me

Sooooo…day 10 of Dave’s trip…here are some stupid things I think about when I am alone:

1. When checking your email and someone emails you at that moment should you give them some sort of grace period or just email them back? Would it seem too needy? On the same note, am I obligated to respond to comments made on my blog? Is it rude of me if I don’t? Are there rules of blogging?

2. If you are at a place like a park with your child and some other parent is enforcing a “rule” that is retarded and isn’t part of your own parenting philosophy (like “stop climbing on that” or “don’t get yourself dirty”) – I mean, isn’t the point of bringing your kid to the park so that they can explore and climb on things? Am I obligated to tell my own kid that he can’t do it either or should I just keep telling him “you can do it! Alright! You climbed all the way up! Good job!” and “sure Coen, bringing a water bottle into the sandbox sounds like a great idea! Let’s make a moat!” while the other parent looks at me in horror?

3. I think of what I will say when I give a toast at my girlfriends weddings, even though most of them aren’t even seeing anyone seriously. As weird as that sounds I have to say that in my head they are great toasts and I each time I make myself cry a little bit. Also, in this dream everyone thinks that my speech was the funniest and most charming thing they’ve ever heard and can’t help but say to themselves “wow – beautiful, smart, creative – and she is such a great mother…how does she do it all?”

As much as I like a little time to myself every once in a while…Dave comes home tonight! yayyyy!


Love songs

B.C. (Before Coen) we asked one of our friends, Justin, who had just become a new parent himself, what it’s like to have a kid. His response was “It’s like falling in love.” True that.

It’s funny how the love of a child mirrors the love of a partner. You get butterflys when you see them, even annoying things are cute, you get jealous when they pay attention to someone else, and they take over your entire heart.

Before bed every night Coen and I sit in our rocking chair and sing lullabies. Not the traditional kind…Dave has a penchant for the Cure…me old Broadway musicals. He went through a phase when he started making requests, mostly for made-up songs about the things he loves – Grandma and Grandpa, binkies, Thomas the Train, and one 6 month stint of “Row, Row, Row your boat” (I thought I’d never get that song out of my head). Now sometimes he’ll let me sneak in an actual song. Here’s a link to my new favorite. I’m not much for soft-rock, or whatever you call it…but this fits my love for Coen so perfectly. Check out the video to hear it.
Everything – Michael Buble

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Ode to Elvis

Coen loves to play his geee-tar. I love his little expression here.



The Fourth

Another annoying thing about living in White Center…no ban on fire crackers. It’s about 10 o’clock here and LOUD. Everyone is out on the street whopping it up ghetto style (ie hanging out the back of their vans, because they probably don’t live in a neighborhood that allows fireworks). Coen is – so far – yikes I don’t want to jinks it, not bothered by it all and sleeping soundly. Luckily we have a white-noise machine in his room that I cranked up to hopefully drown out most of it. Although I probably shouldn’t worry too much since he spent his first ever Fourth of July on top of a roof downtown peacefully sleeping in his car seat. We’ll see I guess…

We spent the afternoon at my cousin Julie’s wedding and reception, which was lovely and mucho fun. I found it ironic that they planned their wedding day for the day in which we celebrate Independence but after thinking about it a little bit decided that I am probably more independent as a married woman than a single gal so it fits. Here are some pictures and if you want to see more click this.

Is it a flower? NO! It’s utensils!

If you know anyone who wants to buy a barn, it for sale! And, thanks to Chad for being patient with me as I pulled to the side of the road and took a bunch of photos…

And I’m not sure who this is, but he sure is cute! (There is probably some rule about not posting pictures of people you don’t know (especially kids) on your blog, but I’m claiming ignorance.

And of course I can’t forget Coen…
Strike a pose


It’s just you and me, kid.

We are on our second day of Dave’s 10 day out-of-town work trip. Dave does a fair amount of traveling but at least not like he used to (3 months in Cambodia, anyone?). Still, it takes a bit more out of me to be the only one “in charge” and not have someone to fall back on for last minute grocery runs, middle of the night wakings and just the day to day rigmarole of being a parent. Coen is old enough to understand the concept of a “trip” which helps, although now he thinks that every trip includes going to visit Aunt Mandi.

So yesterday we headed out for some retail therapy. Coen has inherited his Father’s addiction to shoe shopping, except that he’s always drawn to the sparkly girl shoes, which kind of worries me a little. He found a pair of red pumps – size 9 – and happily tried them on. If I wasn’t such a moron I would have remembered to bring my camera so I could get a shot of him walking around in them. Alas, we settled on a cute pair of sandals for him…and three pairs of new shoes for me…sheeesh, I must really miss Dave. Oh and one of the pairs I bought were $10 Dexter flats, my Dad would be proud.


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