Garden in Bloom

There is one lonely surviving sunflower that somehow made it through to bloom despite my lazy gardening style.


And I got to try out some infrared filters…I’m not really into pictures of flowers but I saw this technique in a magazine (I think) and finally had a cool flower to try it on.

Sunflower - infrared

My joy at capturing the moment of the sun hitting the flower was somewhat overshadowed by walking back inside to find that Coen had spent his five mommy-free minutes bringing several neat little piles of dirt into our living room…the most notable one being on top of the clean laundry that I was planning on folding. He had to sit in time-out for that one…but he kept his cheeky little smile on for most of it. In retrospect maybe I should have thanked him for sparing me the hateful task of folding for one evening.
Happy Monday!



  1. #1 by Justin on August 12, 2008 - 2:56 pm

    I love the brilliant yellow in the sunbeam in the first one and the second is absolutely electron microscope-esque! Nice work. I hate folding laundry too … and especially putting it away …
    Your blog is so refreshing–I save it for especially wearisome days … like today: “working” at home while watching a toddler is no fun. See you!


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