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If there’s anything this 365 project is going to teach me it’s that I need to get as much accomplished in the camera as I can rather than just taking a so-so shot a then having to mess with it in Adobe Lightroom a bunch. This one is pretty much straight out of the camera…just a little contrast boost. I was trying out a technique that I read about in a photo magazine…basically you set your exposure for the background and then force the flash to go off to light the foreground…and this is what you get! A cool double exposed type pic!

I had to jump off our outside table about 100 times…which is more exercise than I’ve had in a long time…but I think it was worth it. I wish the tress weren’t in this one…I could always edit them out…but it’d take me like three days and I just don’t feel like it. I’ll probably go back and try this one again…when I don’t have dinner cooking on the stove and Coen trying to pull my camera off its tripod.




Fall is one of my very favorite seasons…especially fall in Seattle. It usually stays pretty warm all through September, but you can bring out your cute sweaters for the walk to work, the leaves are turning beautiful colors and haven’t started to annoy you with their “you better rake me up before I turn into a big matted mess” taunts. The weather is perfect for chasing Coen around the park and the sun starts to go down a little earlier which makes for good snuggle time in the evenings. Everything just feels cozy.

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In the nook


There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.

– George Sand –


So this is how I felt today…


Ugh…I felt like crap today. I literally felt like my head was to heavy for my neck (must be all the Project 365 photos 🙂 ) but seriously, I think I may have some sort of scary neurological disorder. Ever since becoming a mom I’ve become a total hypochondriac. Even the slightest “off” feeling starts a frenzy of Googling as I search for all the scary diseases I might possibly have. I guess that’s nature’s way of making sure you take good care of yourself so can raise your kids.

Today was a rough one…on top of feeling crappy, Coen was proving himself as a full fledged two-year old and driving me crazy. There was much screaming and crying done in our house today.

We did manage to get on over to the pet store and pick up Coen’s new goldfish. He named him “Guy”, without any prompting from me, well except for me vetoing “Mommy” (there can only be one of us in this house). An appropriate name for a goldfish I think.

I'm pleased to introduce "Guy"


Getting tired of me yet?


Well too bad…353 more days to go. Have a great weekend folks!




I have a thing for goldfish. When I was like 16 I painted a beach ball sized  goldfish in my closet. The goal was to actually paint three of them…two orange and one purple (a rip-off idea from the back of a Readers Digest) and then empty my closet, put a love-seat in there and then paint the background blue…you know, like a goldfish bowl (I was so poetic) but I never got around to anything more than that one goldfish. It was a pretty good painting if I do say so myself…my parents actually didn’t even paint over it when they sold the house. I sometimes wonder if it’s still there…hiding behind someone elses clothes. Dave has tried to convince me to drive back to the house and knock on the door to ask…but seriously, how weird would that be? “Hi…do you have a goldfish in your closet?” Right. Not going to happen. So Jill if your reading this…if you ever see your neighbors out mowing the lawn, maybe you could ask them for me… 😉

We went to the pet store today to get Coen his very first pet goldfish. Unfortunately the fish guy told us that we had to let the water sit for 24-48 hours before we actually bought it. Doh! I have to learn not to promise things to Coen that I’m not absolutely sure are going to happen. He wasn’t too terribly disappointed, though. He tried to convince me to get a lizard instead, they were pretty cute, but eeew.

So…empty glass bowl…I had to do something with it!


Feeling the love…


I’m feeling the love today for a couple of reasons…

First, it’s my Mom’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Mom! We are so lucky to have you such a present part of our lives. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Second, Killashandra gave me a “I love your blog” award. I’ve seen these awards up on some other blogs, but this is the first time someone has given one to me! I feel so popular, thanks girl!


So I get to pass on the love to 7 other blogs that I love. Here they are!

No Apathy Allowed – my lovely sister’s blog all about her crazy escapades throughout the world in the name of public health.
Journey to Sophia and Samantha – A journey to and of motherhood, adoption, and photography.
FIMBY – Fun in My Backyard – Loving…organically.
Navel Gazing at its finest – Mommyhood…like you’ve never heard it…and sometimes don’t want to hear it…simply hilarious!
The Color of Gold – An artist’s path to finding her voice.
Sarah-ji – Photojournalist extraordinaire.
Dolce-pics – Sharing advice (that we lay-people can understand) about how to take better photos of your kids.

There you have it! If you see your site above, feel free to pass on the love (to seven more people, specifically) or just horde the love all to yourself…that’s okay too.


More 365…

So I’ve gotten a bunch of emails about Project 365, so I thought I’d elaborate today…

As much as I would like to take credit for this ingenious idea…there are a bunch of Flickr groups dedicated to photographers on the 365 journey…I’m a part of this one. I’m not sure who originally started this particular take on the idea…so unfortunately I can’t give due credit.

Here are the rules:

1) You must be the one to compose, edit, and physically press the shutter button (timers, tripods and remotes are legit).

2) The photo has to be taken on the “day”, no taking a series of three pictures and loading them up separately…how would they know?…cameras have EXIF data that permanently stamps the date into the electronic file…and the moderators of the group do random checks if something is looking funky.

3) You have to be in the picture (duh, self-portrait!)…there are alot of lame pictures in the group…and by lame I mean one finger in the shot, etc. I mean seriously a photo of a beautiful sunset with one finger sticking into the frame, c’mon people!

Pretty simple! But pretty challenging once you put it all together. I personally think they should have a separate group for people with two-year olds. We definitely have it a little harder.

Anyhoo…I’ve already taken a shot that I really  don’t like…and now it’s stuck forever in the set, but oh well…this is supposed to be about learning. At least I made up for it today…what do you think?




Coen LOVES to bowl…it’s his favorite thing besides eating ice cream. He’s been bowling since he was about 1.5 years old (if you don’t count the time that he was in Mommy’s tummy when she was on a league) and he takes the game very seriously. When we get into the bowling center he goes right up to the guy at the counter and says “6 pound ball, please”. Then he carries the ball down to the lane, puts his hands over the blower thing to make sure their “not sticky” while I put our names in. He then rolls the ball around to find the holes…put his fingers in (the proper way, mind you) and then takes his position. He always starts where I start (even though he has to take a zillion steps to reach the line) pauses for a moment (to plan his angle, I suppose) and then goes for it. I would say that he rolls it straight down the lane about 15% of the time, which is pretty good when you’re throwing a ball that’s 1/5 of your body weight.

So this afternoon Daddy got to join us before he headed off to do his rap-star thing…we had much fun…see for yourself!

Coen prepping…

Nice form!
Bowling style!

Rolling eyes at photo taking mommy…
Funny face

And a little post-game…er…game!
Game on!


Working against the light

I don’t know much about lighting…and am currently trying to figure out what makes “good” lighting or “bad” lighting…but I know what I like! I love that I am still so oblivious to photography stuff that I am free to just do whatever comes into my head without too much worry about “oh well this and that could be better, so it’s not even worth trying.” What excites me about the 365 project is focusing on a particular thing to work on (lighting – as was the case today, aperture, shutter speed, etc.) and then just incorporating myself into the shot.

So far it’s been fun…really fun.

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