the Weird, Weird, Web

So today over at one of the funniest mommy bloggers ever there was a blogging atrocity. Someone….no wait,  actually many people had ripped off a post of hers…word for word. This got me thinking about how strange the web is…how strange blogging is…how great the web is…how nasty the web can be.

My little blog has been so much fun for me…I have kind of “found” myself again in the mist of being a mommy and a wife. I originally started blogging as an ode to my new camera, and found that my photos inspire my writing…and blogging inspires me to take pictures, that, as strange as it may sound, I feel sort of a an obligation to do greater things (if only so I can write a post about them) and even feel as though I see the world a little differently…more “in the moment” if I was going to get all cliche on you.

So all of this made me think…where am I on the web? How do people find me here? Who is reading this blog, after all? Don’t be frightened all you blog-stalkers…you are anonymous. All I can see about the people who visit here is what they are looking at and how they got here…
…which is kind of interesting. Here are a few Google searches that brought people to my blog:

1) Kirsten Geyer– Duh…that is my name…how cool that the first site that comes up when you type it into Google is mine…that’s right…I rock.

2) Uh oh gotta pee now – ha ha, I wonder what this person was actually looking for?!?

3) Cheeky means– This one came up because of my sites name…the reason it’s called “Something Cheeky”, if you’re curious, is because when you set up the blog it ask you the NAME OF YOUR BLOG, which is just waaaay too much pressure…and all I wanted was to think of something cheeky…and viola!

4) breakin da rules – ‘cuz I’m so ghetto

5) funny human pictures cheeky cloth– WTF! (I never in my life thought I’d find a place to use that particular acronym.)

6) pee holding contest– Seriously, that does not sound like  a fun game. I should really type these all into google and see what else comes up…

There are a bunch more…but I don’t really have anything else to say about them (cheeky pick up techniques, cheeky comments about stupid people, why name it white center) and a bunch more about “peeing”, again, trying to keep it g-rated…people…so…hard…right…now…

I always know when my blog has been “linked” to other sites because my readership goes from 40 (thanks Mom!) to 300+ in the course of a day. It’s always very exciting to me…here are some places I’ve been:

This blog thought I was “hilarious” here…see Dave, people other than myself find me “hilarious” (okay I just wanted to say it again…in air quotes).

This blog thought my picture was rad enough to make it a finalist in their photo contest…and they said my blog was “cute” (not exactly what I’m going for, but I’ll take it!)

This blog used my picture for a fun weekly photo game (which I look forward to every Tuesday).

One of my favorite photo-inspiration sites linked to my post about my photo contest finalism…(yes I realize that is not a word)

Another West Seattle Blog linked my site to their blogroll (see Dad, the people of White Center didn’t think it was “scathing”, thanks for looking out for me though).

Ahhh…that’s right…I’m practically famous. (Just between me and you, sometimes, when I’m walking down the street and someone looks at me for too long, I’m pretty convinced that they are secret followers of my blog, and they are holding themselves back from running up to me and asking for my autograph)

Alright…I’m off to Google my posts and see if I am cool enough to have anyone want to rip off my stuff.

  1. #1 by kirida on September 13, 2008 - 7:49 am

    Do you use google alerts? I get emails whenever someone mentions my blog, name, etc… It’s pretty interesting.

  2. #2 by Christina on September 13, 2008 - 8:06 pm

    How hysterical to see what brought people here. Seriously, what is up with all the PEE??? Love your bit about secret blog stalkers. 🙂

  3. #3 by Jonni on September 14, 2008 - 11:51 am

    Girl, you crack me up. I think you are a superstar and I would totally rip off your blog because you are one cool chick. But of course I am your buddy and I wouldn’t do that to a friend. So I will just have to come over here and stalk it instead. Okay, sorry to ramble.

    Lovely blog and lovely photos.


  4. #4 by killlashandra on September 15, 2008 - 12:07 pm

    I’m a little worried about that happening to my blog too. Scraping is very common and very wrong. I did a post about it while back too. Although your post is much funnier than mine was! 🙂

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