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Trick or Treat – part two

Ahhh how I love Halloween! Coen was a pirate this year…he’s really into pirates for some reason, must be a boy thing. We managed to pull his costume together without buying anything except an eye patch…and I think it turned out awesome, don’t you?

Pirate Coen

Pirate Coen

Went went over to one of Dave’s coworkers, who sets up an insane pirate ship display thing, I’m talking full on theater set, rigging, lights, moving skeletons, the whole thing. Unfortunately the rain we had this week took it’s toll on the lighting gear so they were still working on getting it fixed so we went trick or treating in the neighborhood.

Although we told Coen to say “trick or treat” when the door opens…we forgot that he isonly two after all and needs a bit more guidance with these kinds of things. The first house we went to he knocked on the door, said his bit, and then stormed right inside looking for his candy. Ooops!! He got the hang of it after that though and we had a great time.

I have to say that it is totally one of those surreal parental moments to be hanging back and just watching our little boy…old enough now to do his thing without (for the most part) our help. He really is growing up! He was so excited to watch his bag fill up with all the candy and take it home and dump it out on the floor searching for his favorites. Ahhhh, so crazy.

Happy Halloween, er again!!


Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!!!!!! Now go get yourself some candy!


Just one of those days

I’ve been really slacking on the blogging lately…forgive me. Dave has been working a lot…and when he’s not working he’s been playing shows with his hip hop group, Southside…and recording an album, too! Pretty awesome. But by the time I get dinner fixed and Coen off to bed and my 365 photo done, I don’t really have more energy for anything else. I promise to get back on this thing when I have some more time (hahahaha!!) and something more interesting to say. But if you miss me you can always check out my daily “selfie” here. But for those of you who are to lazy to click on links (I hear you!) here is my shot from today. Pretty much sums it up.



Just because…


…I thought y’all might appreciate a little break from me, me, ME!!! And I wanted to remind myself to take more pictures of Coen while he still has this cute baby face.



Introducing my very first semi-collaboration with another Flickr member. I say only  “semi” because my part of the photo was inspired by the one next to it, but Cakeybabes was cool enough to suggest putting them together as a photo duet of sorts.  If you want to see it large you will have to click on the photo…then be sure to linger on Cakeybabes photostream for a little while, because it will surely rock your world.

Originally uploaded by cakeybabes


Oh how things change…

We had a really fun day today. One of those days that if someone had told us we would be doing this 3 years ago and having fun with it we would have been completely aghast. We started off going to get Dave’s haircut and maybe – if all the stars were lined up correctly – Coen’s hair cut. Coen doesn’t like to be messed with AT ALL, so previously we have just done the once a year – hold him down while he’s screaming – head shaving. But the other day he said he needed to get his hair cut so we jumped on it. He watched Daddy get his cut for a little while then it was his turn. He LOVED it!! I was totally shocked and barely took any pictures, and the ones I did turned out blurry, but I don’t care!! He looks so handsome!!


Then it was off to the thrift store, where we scored a $3 scooter for Coen…which was he’s treat for getting his hair cut, and man can he FLY on that thing!! Awesome. I also found this really cool mask for today’s Project 365 shot and was really stoked about how it turned out…


Then it was off to the mall (yes, the mall?!?) which was fun but really busy…but we got a really cute hat for Coen and I got to play with a Nikon D80…which is the camera I’m itching for. Then (here comes the shocking part) we went to Applebee’s for dinner…Dave said on the way home “ah, that was a really fun day…wait, I can’t believe I just said that”. I agree, Dave, I agree. I guess we aren’t as bohemian as we used to be. Oh well. 😉


Self portrait in 5 minutes or less…


I was really tired today and not into setting up a shot for my 365 project, especially since it was just me and Coen for the night since Daddy is out putting the hip in hop with his band.  So while Coen was napping and the sun was beaming in through the window I took advantage. There is nothing better than window light for portraits. This shot was one of the old standby grab your camera, hold it in front of you and click shots. The lighting was bright enough to light my face but not bright enough to light the rest of the room so I ended up with a great black background which I extended a little to the left for more of an interesting composition.

I love how you can see my freckles in this one…at first I thought “ack! my freckles!” but sometimes you gotta embrace those things! It is me after all! If you zoom in a bunch you can actually see the window and the silhouette of my arms holding the camera in my eyeball.

Coen and I had a great afternoon and evening…we went to the library, then to the park, then home for some pizza, then took a relaxing bath together (boy will I miss it when he’s too old for the bath with Mommy), then changed into our pjs…which I never wear and Coen thought it was just sooo hilarious to see his Mom in pjs, then read his new “I SPY” book…which he loves and is insanely good at, then off to bed.

Ahhh…and now I don’t even have any shots to set up so I think I’m going to watch some tube and head to bed myself. Yay!


An era gone by


I can’t remember the last time I went dancing…which is really funny because I was a professional dancer for many years. In fact I can’t even remember the last time I even thought about that particular time in my life…I just kind of moved on. I had Dave dig my old toe shoes out of the shed for this shot…another thing I forgot…how utterly painful those things were. I haven’t put these shoes on for 10 years…10 years! They were from my ballet days…before I moved on to ballroom. Now don’t get all “oh my God I can’t believe you were a dancer!” on me because I wasn’t very good. In fact I’m a better photographer after only 5 months than I was a dancer after 10 years… and I’m not being modest!!

Coen has inherited the love of dance…and also the love of taking self-portraits. After I was done taking these shots he said to me “Mom…I gotta work on my project.” and started imitating me…he has some amazing imitation skills, yo!

Coen's version

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A little bit of texture


The lovely Leaca posted an awesome tutorial on textures the other day and I’ve been meaning to learn how to use them so THANK YOU LEACA!!!  For those who don’t know, texture is basically a photo of something with texture (duh) like concrete or wood which you pull over the top of your photo to give it, well, texture (you can see why I’m not a technical writer!). Check out some of Leaca’s skills here, here, and here.

This photo was fun to create…I was going to wear a long white dress for it but then chickened out since this scene is in the middle of a busy park. I got pretty funny looks anyway carrying my tripod, camera and a red balloon down to the little marsh…oh yes, a marsh…I didn’t realize that fact until I stepped into it and sunk 4 inches into the water. Maybe I’ll give it another go when there is some snow…and nobody is around.

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I promise to floss every day from now on.


I really hate going to the dentist.  I had to get an old filling that had cracked replaced today. I actually like my dentist…but she really sucks at administering local anesthetic. I had to stop her like 5 times to give me more.

“Really, you can feel it?” she says…”Yup, but I can’t feel my eyeball if that any consolation” I say.

I envy the people who never ever get cavities. They are my heroes.

Oh, and WordPress just added a poll gadget…so I have to try it out.

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