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Back to work…


Happy Monday everyone!! This is my ode to the begining of the work week.

So this is my 30th shot in the Project 365 series…and I’m turning 30 in 32 days…I love number plays…Coen was actually born on March 3rd (3/3) at 3:19pm…I really tried to hold out for those last 14 minutes so he could be born on 3/3 at 3:33pm…but just couldn’t do it (I know, I know…a weird thing to be thinking about when your giving birth to your first child, but what can I say…).

My little munchikn came down with a fever tonight, and actually fell asleep cuddling on the couch with me…which he NEVER does (the falling asleep part, not the cuddling part). Poor guy…so if my next couple of shots really suck…you’ll know why…scampers off to start Lysoling everything.


My worst nightmare…


I’ve had this idea for a self-portrait for awhile now…I keep all my ideas in a little notebook by the couch. That way when Coen’s off to bed I don’t have to all of a sudden think of something creative. I wanted to try out a cinematic type shot…try to make it look like it could be a still from an old 40’s movie.

So I went out after it got dark this evening…had my husband park his car right in front of mine and leave the lights on. I was going to just set the camera on the dashboard, but that didn’t really work so I actually ended up bringing my tripod into the car and setting it up in front of the passenger’s seat.

I’m pretty sure the neighbors think I’m crazy. This shot was a pretty long exposure…which means I had to hold the pose perfectly still so it wouldn’t be blurry. And wouldn’t you guess it…neighbors kept walking by…and I couldn’t move a muscle…scroll back up to the shot…use your imagination. Yup, I’m going to be labeled as “that one crazy lady down the street”. He, he!

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I’m honored…

The amazingly talented women over at Shutter Sisters chose one of my photos to be featured in “One Sweet Shot” for October. The group of women who run the site…along with all of the readers are a daily inspiration to me and I really can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am about this…go on over and see what they said about me. **blush** **blush**

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Behind the scenes of 365


This is a fairly simple set-up for a shot…me against a wall with a tripod and camera in front of me and a remote release in my hand. Easy right? Well add a two-year old running around in the background while you’re trying to blow a bubble and you’ve pretty much just created the most enticing circumstance that a toddler could ever encounter. This is what many of my shots actually end up like…

DSC_1696 copy_2

Sorry to ruin the mystery, folks.

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Capture vs Creation

In my mind there are two processes of photography:

the Capture – I love the way this process helps me see the world…sneaking up on something and capturing the essence of it from my perspective…taking a moment that might have been lost forever if I hadn’t recorded it with a single snap of the shutter.
Water explosion

and the Creation– This is a process that Project 365 has helped me uncover…imagine if we were all tasked with the assignment to go out one day and take a photo of, let’s say, a strawberry. How would you do it? Would you take a picture of a lone strawberry in a bowl? Would you eat it and then take a photo of the little green top that is left? Would you go out into your garden and find some hidden under their vine? Would you take a shot of yourself stepping on it? 
What we took it a step further and I told you to take a picture of happiness? loss? freedom? How would you create an image that expressed  these emotions?

People keep asking me “How are you going to find 365 ways to do a self-portrait?” Admittedly…it does seem daunting, but rather because there are so many  possibilities.



Trapped in my reflection


Lately I’ve been devoting most of my posts to my 365 project so I thought I’d give you guys a little break and talk about something else…how does death and dying sound?

Coen awoke from his nap the other day to Guy (his goldfish) belly up. I feel really bad…we only had him for a week I’m not sure what we could have done in that time period to kill the poor thing. Coen and I had a little talk about what happened, it went something like this:

Me: Coen, Guy died. (really, how was I supposed to put it?) That means he can’t swim around or do anything anymore because he’s dead (I really should have read up on how to explain this.)

Coen: Maybe we should feed him more?

Me: That won’t make him be alive again. Once your dead your dead. (okay in retrospect this was very harsh of me)

Coen: Maybe I will blow on him really really hard. (He commences blowing on him, which of course makes him move a little) See mommy!

Me: No he’s just moving because you blew on him (this is really not making any sense to him and I’m even confusing myself a little) It’s time to give Guy back to the ocean…we’ll flush him down the toilet and that will bring him back to the ocean. (thankfully Coen is already potty trained or this could have been a really bad move)

Coen: Oh well. Me get a new fish the same as Guy!

The end…well except when we went to get another goldfish the lady at the pet store wouldn’t sell us one after hearing our tale…because they were out of water filters (apparently a necessity!) and she didn’t want to risk sending another little “guy” home with us. I’m totally serious. Soooo I guess we’ll have to wait until the filters come in before getting another one. Bummer.


I’ve always wanted an afro…

…and I found one yesterday for 99 cents…gotta love this time of year!




Would you ever guess this was taken on the floor of my kitchen? Maybe someday I’ll pan back and take a shot of the ridiculous set-ups I have to use in our teeny tiny house to get some of these photos.

I love gerber daisies…

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Uping the anty


I had a conversation today with my dear friend Alisha, aka creative genius, about the struggle to maintain “your best work”. And after succeeding a bit in take some good photos I’m starting to feel the pressure to always produce an awesome photo…which is kind of cramping my style, after all I only picked up a camera about 5 months ago and I still have so much to learn.

I am waiting waiting waiting for tomorrow when the great photographer  James Nachtwey unveils his super secret photography project that promises to shed light on “a shocking and under-reported global crisis”. I have been a fan of TED for a long time now and am on the edge of my seat!!!

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