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I’m 30 today!!!

Just a quick post before I finish packing for our trip to Colorado to see Dave’s wonderful family…

071/365 - Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I’ve wanted a new baby for awhile now…and I finally got one for my birthday!! Don’t freak out though…I’m talking about my new camera…the Nikon D90!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I haven’t had time to really play with it yet, I did use it to take today’s 365 photo! …and the one I will post below. I can’t wait to try it out on all of Coen’s cousins in Colorado!

I will be sad to see the D40 go to a new home though…I really loved that camera and was soooo used to feeling it in my hands. So far the new one is really awesome…and will allow me to have a little more freedom with photography. I can wait to sit down and read the manual page by page (yes, I’m that kind of girl).

I’ve certainly been a blog slacker these days…but after I return I think my batteries will be recharged and I’ll be posting like mad! That said…I have to go now and start packing! And I have so much to say too…sigh.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!! I may sneak in a post during the trip…but if not I’ll see you all when I return!

Curly grass



What a day…

You’ll have to click on the photo to read my blog for today…sorry!




Gee I hope I’m spelling that right…

My 365 and the “other” shot I took yesterday looked kind of cool next to each other on my photostream so I thought I’d make a diptych out of them. And yes, this is photoshopped (at least the eye color is!) I originally was going to make the 365 photo B&W so I was doing my usual lightening and increasing contrast bit (otherwise it ends up being a bit muddy) but like the way the eyes stood out…so I just kept it that way. My eye color is usually more greyish/blue than this aqua color that is happening here. But what the heck! Someday I’ll post a straight-out-of-the camera shot of myself so you all can see what I really look like! 😉


Dave is leaving on a work trip until Thursday, boohoo. I guess Coen and I will spend the days eating candy and dancing to loud music! Ha!


Last of Fall

Last of fall

Coen and I spent the morning raking up the last of the leaves in the front yard. It was such a beautiful day…almost made me glad Coen got up so early this morning. And hey look I managed to take a picture of something besides myself for a change!! Woot! I hope you all had a lovely day!


I made it to 60!!

Sorry I just have to pat myself on the back for a minute…60 self-portraits in 60 days! Eeek! I’ve been feeling a little down on the project lately. Because of lack of time…being tired from being woken up a bunch at night…feeling a general sense of blech…wanting to be taking pictures of other things besides myself…and plenty of other reasons. I don’t know if I will actually make it to 365, I might convert the project to a general 365 project, with a focus of taking just one good photo a day. I’m trying to just have fun and not pressure myself too much to always be on point, though. But then just when I think I’m going to quit I say to myself “Self, it’s just one lousy selfie a day…one click…less then half a second. You can do that!” But then I think “Self, you haven’t taken a photo of anything but your self in 2 weeks…you need to round yourself a bit more.” Oh well…I guess stay tuned to see if I’ll make it! I was happy with the photo I took today…even though the circles under my eye are insane…I really like those little details in photos. I guess this is more my style.


Oh and I thought I’d share with you guys my new cool Flickr find…a group of textures that are Totally FREE as the title suggests…no pesky trying to remember who gave you the texture and crediting them on your photo! Thought you might like them if you want to give textures a go! Enjoy!

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I feel like I need to find my voice…my style in photography. If you take a look at my Flickr stream you will see a bunch of different looks…a few people have even commented that it looks like different photographers could be involved because of the stark contrast in styles. I want to find a style that is my own, that people would recognize as mine…but I suppose since I am still so new to this it will take a little more practice and a lot more shooting before I develop and age into a particular style. Here are a couple from the last two days…I’m thinking of doing sort of a dream-scape series over the next week or two…what do you think??



Ultimately, though, it’s really not my style…dreamy…but I like a little more edge to my photos…I guess I better keep working!

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Movember and other stuff

 Movember - Sponsor Me

Yes you read that right folks…Movember is a month that focuses on raising donations for Prostate Cancer through…what else…growing a “Mo” (or moustache, for those of you who don’t remember the 70’s, not that I do, hehe, but I wish I did!). And while I think this is a fabulous reason to grow one it might take me  more than a month to get a really good one going so my husband will pick up the slack…on November 1st he shaved everything so he would have a smooth face to start with…it’s been ten days and here is what we have so far.


If you want to help the moustache grow faster and haven’t yet made your yearly contribution to your favorite charity consider donating $5 to his fund by clicking here.

In Coen land:

– He has started calming down on his own during his tantrums, which is HUGE for us. Usually what happens during one of these ordeals is that he starts jumping up and down and screaming for whatever reason and we do the best we can to acknowledge his feelings…usually I holds his hands while he goes on and on saying “I know your really upset, Coen…blah blah blah” So the other day as we were doing this he stopped for a minute to take a breath and I jumped in there with my “oh Coen!!!! Look you calmed down all by yourself!!! What a big boy you are!!” and on and on. He kind of looked at me funny, like “uh…I had to breath at some point, Mom” but then he was like “yeah, I did calm down…I’m a big boy!” And since then when he starts to throw a tantrum he takes a few deep breath and says proudly “look! I did it!” Well, most of the time, at least!

– We are going through some weird sleep issues…Coen has always been pretty easy to put to bed…it was the constant waking that was the problem for the first year and a half. Now he won’t go to bed and even
after he finally falls asleep he wakes up throughout the night. This is slowly driving Dave and I crazy. Especially after getting a pretty solid year of him sleeping through the night our bodies are not used to this
anymore. I hope it resolves soon…any advice from you Mom’s out there? Please?!!

Of course, he remains as cute as ever…sigh…while I am sporting some serious bags under my eyes (thank you photoshop!).




I was crossing my fingers…

…and I guess it worked! Thanks to everyone who Ba-ROCKED the vote!! Wooooohoooo!


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In between wiping bottoms and baking…

In the last couple of days I’ve been discovering some amazing project 365 artists on Flickr. I like to tell myself that the really GREAT ones have all day long to set up their photo shoots making everything just perfect…no rushing, no distractions. And then it’s Halloween and they post a photo of their kids. It always blows me away. “They have kids? How in the world do they find the time?” I love that there are so many parents out there that – in between wiping bottoms and baking – find the time to indulge themselves in art. I love  that they are just like me…fending off toddlers while trying to get ready for their shot…running back into the kitchen to check on dinner…staying up way too late to get it all done.




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