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Guess what Wii got for Christmas…

…I’ll let you have a guess, I have to get off the computer/tv now and let Dave play with his new toy…otherwise he might get a Wii bit mad (I wonder how many stupid Wii jokes the creators of this system were able to think up…must have been maddening!). I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s eve!!

Guess what Wii got from Santa...


8 years ago on this day…

…my husband sold all of his worldly belongings and flew half way around the world to sweep me off my feet.

Someday I’ll share with you all the long and wonderful love story of ours, but right now you can see this awesome video he made of the moments we’ve shared.

I love you Dave…I am the most myself when I am in the crook of your arms and my heart is in your hands.

**Disclaimer** There is photo in this slide-show that features me pregnant and drinking a beer (oh and with a black eye, lol)…never fear, it was a costume for a Halloween party and no babies were harmed in the process!



My sister and her Schatz (aka love….at least according to the google translator) are in town…they came all the way from Germany for the holidays. Their request for a Christmas gift from me was a photo-shoot! They were my first subjects…and very forgiving as I bumbled through the process for the first time (and there was a lot of bumbling!! I have a new respect for portrait photographers!). I took almost 300 shots…then narrowed down to 100 or so that were in focus with at least one of them not blinking or turned away from me…and here are my favorites! Mandi and Daniel…I hope you guys like what you see! It was fun shooting with you…sorry about freezing you into icicles in the process!

This one is probably my personal favorite…even though nary a one is looking at the cam!

This one is just so sweet…

Can you tell I really like the “non-portraity” portraits?

I think I’m getting the “evil eye” in this shot for making someone sit on the floor of a public building…

Both Mandi and Daniel have these intense eyes…makes them pretty easy to photograph!

They tried so hard not to laugh at me, bless their souls!

They were both a lot happier when we were shooting inside…

Thanks you two for a fun adventure!

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A new me

Below you will find the last photo of the 365 project. That’s right, I decided to end this series on my 100th shot. I have learned so much doing this project and have been hemming and hawing about it internally for a little while.

Here’s the thing…

a) Somethings gotta give…I only have a very limited amount of time to do my creative endeavors each day…and this project has been taking up ALL of that time. There have been days that I have skipped having dinner with my family, just so I can get it done and have a little time left over to blog or (shock!) just veg in front of the tube.

b) I am still really new to photography…and the other day after my sister asked me to take some photos of her and her boyfriend for their xmas gift I actually thought to myself “ack! I don’t know how to take photos of other people!” I worry that is somehow scewing my vision…that if I continue to only work on selfies, that it will shape me in a way that I won’t be able to change.

c) I have a book full of self portrait ideas…and plan to still do them occaisionally…maybe even more than occaisionally…but when I think that in order to finish the project I will have to do two hundred and sixty five more!!! It’s just too much…even after 100, which I think is a pretty good number of consecutive self portraits!

So that’s the end! I feel a certain amount of sadness about it…but then I say to myself, “Self…this isn’t the end, just the begining of something new.” And then I’m just so excited for the new chapter. So here it goes…my last and my first. Thanks you all for continuing to follow my journey!

100/100 - All done!




2008 Christmas card – Geyer style

Merry Christmas from the Geyerses!! This awesome video was put together by my creative and talented husband. Enjoy!


A little sunshine for you

So I decided to do an Ode to the Summer for my 365 shot today since it is BLIZZARDING in Seattle. The weather doesn’t usually get this crazy here…so we are NOT used to it. I am crossing my fingers that the electricity doesn’t go out. Ugh! So here is a little fake summer fun…oh and click on the photo if you want to read 16 random things about me.




Coen has entered the stage of exploding vocabulary…I thought I’d share some of the funny things he’s been saying recently…

  • While driving in the car the other day he started to sing the ABCs…I thought I’d join in but when I did he said to me “Mom! That’s MY song! Get your own song!”
  • When Coen wakes up from his nap I hear him call out “Mom!!! I’m in HERE!!” As if I’d misplaced him or something.
  • In the last month Coen has used the phrase “That’s what I used to do when I was a little girl”.  I’m not sure what he is referencing when he says that…I just keep replying, “Coen, you have always been a boy!”
  • He started copying the parenting phrases that we use…the other day he said to me “Mom, I put that there for a reason.”
  • “Crazyness!” is one of his favorite words.
  • We have been working on getting Coen to calm down by himself during tantrums…and now throughout the whole tantrum he’ll say, “It’s HARD to calm down, Mommy, it’s HARD!”
  • Coen loves to play pretend…the other day he was pretending to put me to bed and he said “have good dreams mommy, dream about ice-cream”
  • If Coen wakes up at night because he hears something loud, he always blames Daddy. “Tell him to be more careful Mommy” he’ll say.

I love love love this stage. It is so much fun. I can’t wait until Coen’s Auntie Mandi comes to visit this Sunday so she can be a part of it all! He’s pretty excited about it too.

Here he is playing in the snow…he likes to go out in it, but doesn’t last very long before he wants to go inside for some Cocoa!
Snow baby


New photo slideshow…

Since I have been lame about uploading photos onto my blog lately…I thought I’d make a little slideshow with some of my more recent Project 365 photos.

I hope you are all staying warm and enjoying the holiday feeling!

Click here to see the slideshow!

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Today I caught puke in my hands…

…after fishing out a big long string of cheese from Coen’s throat. Does that mean I’ve truly “arrived” as a mother? I certainly hope so. Don’t worry, though. Coen wasn’t bothered by the incident even one little bit. And with a face like this…I’d do anything else for this little munchkin.

20081212-DSC_0064 copy2

Oh yeah…and that’s not all that happened today. You have to click on the photo below to read about my own “incident”, LOL!


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The dreaded “L” word…

Everyone hates going to the gynecologist…it’s never much fun to have someone poking around between your legs (okay well almost never, LOL…couldn’t resist that one!) and asking you highly personal questions. And even though I work in a gynecology office, I am no exception to this rule. But it is one of those things that you have to do. So yesterday off I went. Everything was going swimmingly…and then she mentioned the dreaded “L” word…

Midwife (no I’m not pregnant…but I used a midwife when I delivered Coen and it just stuck!) as she is doing the breast exam – “So do you do monthly self-exams?”

Me (proudly) – “uh-huh…but I guess I don’t really even know what I’m looking for…a pea shaped thing? an irregular mass of some sort?”

Midwife, guiding my hand over my heart – “Well this is a lump here.”

Me, waiting for her to say something like “but it’s normal to feel this kind of lump” or “this would be one that you wouldn’t worry about”

Midwife, silence for a while…finishes the exam – “So I want you to go get this checked out.”

Me, starting to really freak out – “okay…”

Midwife, pulls out a referral slip…you know the one with the ridiculous drawing of boobies on it…and marks the spot with a big dot. This is where I start to lose it…then she writes in the comment section “Breast mass”…okay now I’m just doing everything I can think of to try and remain calm and not let the tears that have filled up my eyes pour over onto her paper. – “So I want you to go get an ultrasound…and a mammogram…and I would also recommend that you get a second opinion…whatever the result of those tests are. ”

Me, I really can’t say much at this point, I take the referral and leave, walking to the sanctuary of my car…where I promptly start hyper-ventilating.

Even though nothing is really known at this point and I know that many women find lumps and are totally fine…I can’t help but think of a girl I know…who was pregnant at the same time I was, same age, a mother…who is battling breast cancer. I drive home crying, luckily Coen and Dave were out having dinner together so I had time to collect myself…I didn’t want to freak either of them out.
I turned on the computer and googled “breast lump” then shut it off after I read 80% of breast lumps found turn out to be nothing” so 20% turn out to be something?? I decided I really didn’t like those odds and spent the night trying not to think about it (yeah right!) and trying to believe my husband when he said it was nothing and that I’d be fine.
So I was lucky enough to score an appointment for today after work with the ARNP consultant for all the breast surgeons where I work…she did a thorough exam…sat with me through the ultrasound and was very reassuring. I am young, I don’t have any risk factors for breast cancer…and they didn’t see anything worrisome on either of the tests. She wants be to come back in three months just to make sure there are no changes…but she said she literally didn’t see anything, no mass or lump…so is positive that everything is fine.

The last 24 hours have been a rollercoaster of emotions…and I’m glad to get of that ride for awhile.

Phew!!!!! Well if you stayed with this post long enough to get to the bottom you deserve an award! So I will give you one…go give your wife/mom/sister/daughter/friends a great big hug…and make sure they are doing everything they can to stay healthy.




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