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One more for the road


I’m headed South to Seaside Oregon for a long weekend with my girls! We all celebrated our 30th birthdays over the last few months so we thought that deserved a special all girls weekend! I hope to do a few portrait sessions, hang at the beach, sleep in, giggle in my pajamas, stay up too late and just generally act like I’m NOT 30.

Have a great weekend folks!


Seattle Flickr Meetup

Yesterday Jamie and I headed South on a mini road-trip to take some pics with a bunch of other Flickr peeps! We took loads of pictures, had mucho fun, talked a bunch (it was an hour long drive!), and both agreed that it was kind of strange that NOBODY was talking to each other. My favorite part was towards the end when a model showed up and we stole her for a little photo session! Here are some of my favorites from the meet-up, and make sure to head over to Umbrellablog to check out what Jamie saw through the lens too!

Seattle Flickrites Meetup

Seattle Flickrites Meetup

Seattle Flickrites Meetup

Here is Jamie workin’ her magic!

Seattle Flickrites Meetup

Seattle Flickrites Meetup

Seattle Flickrites Meetup

Seattle Flickrites Meetup

Seattle Flickrites Meetup



Funny face

I think he gets his funny faces from me…

Funny Face



I love taking pictures of people. It’s so much easier and more interesting for me. But I also think that it’s a good exercise to practice taking photos of non-people (yup, I’m just going to lump it all together into one category).

A couple of months ago I took myself on a photo walk downtown. It was FREEZING and I didn’t last for very long before heading into a coffee shop for a little warm up. But I did snap a few pictures and was reminded how much more thoughtful you have to be about the composition and mood you want to capture when you’re taking a non-portrait. Not that you don’t have to think about those things for portraits…but if you don’t get it just right in a still or landscape…well then you just have a picture of a meaningless object…and it is starkly apparent.

Here’s one from that walk…(the dude you seen in the background was totally showing off for the camera, so I guess it’s not technically a non-portrait…


And here’s one from this afternoon…the sun was out and Coen was playing happily in the sandbox, aaaahhhh.


This Saturday, Jamie and I are going to a Flickr meetup at a vintage drug store (they are closing down the shop for 3 hours just for us to play around with our cameras!) and I am SUPER excited about it. Weeee for learning new things and meeting new people!


Bump and Grind – a gift for YOU!

 Okay, I’m a day late…but in my defense I thought Valentine’s Day was on Monday. 😉

I wanted to give you all a little gift to show my appreciation for your constant encouragement and sincere comments so I made you a little something I hope you’ll like!

Do you ever wish your photos had a little extra “oomph?” Do you curse at Photoshop when no one is watching? Do you just not have the time or inclination to learn how to edit your photos? Well, on this holiday that celebrates love…I thought you might like a little “action” to go along with it. So I created an action for Photoshop that combines all the things that I typically do to a photo to give it that little something something, before I really set to work on editing. I even named it “Bump and grind”…to go with the Valentine’s Day feeling!

Here are some samples of it in “action”!

Pretty cute…but a little flat.

Subtle…but different.



This action is meant to be subtle enough to use on most photos…it doesn’t add funky color casts and it gives the image just a little more dimension (at least I think so!). You can use it as-is (just hit the play button on your action menu) or you can do your dodging and burning on the layer titled “Dodge and Burn” (duh).

If you don’t know photoshop well, just skip this part…
This dodge and burn method doesn’t use the actual dodge and burn tools. Just grab a white paint brush, set to 10% and make sure you’re on the Dodge and Burn layer and paint over the parts you want lighter…it shouldn’t affect the shadows if you paint over them (well…technically speaking, anything that is darker than 50% grey).
To darken the darks (won’t affect anything lighter than 50% grey) just grab a black brush and paint over the parts you want to darken! Easy peasy!

There you have it! Again…this isn’t meant to dramatically alter your photo…just get it to looking good before you reach for all your other fancy stuff!

This action was created with Photoshop CS2 and I have no idea if it works on Photoshop elements…but if you try it and it does, I’d love to hear it! Oh and just because I am lazy…if you are wondering about how to install actions…click here!

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

Click HERE to unwrap your gift!



Wild thing

Dave and I had so much fun last night, even though we got called back to the house by our babysitter before we even made it to the show we were going to see. You see, we don’t get out much alone any more. Not that we couldn’t…but it IS made a little more difficult by having a child who is not used to being watched by someone other than family members. In fact Coen has never even been put to bed (at night) by anyone except either me or Dave. EVER.

Even though we put Coen to sleep last night before we headed out…he woke up and was NOT happy that we weren’t there…so we came back…sang a bit, rocked a bit and got him back into bed and went out for a second shot at our date. We decided to stick a little closer to home and check out our ‘hood (remember this post? Our hood is a little scary). We found a local pub…and had a blast! It was karaoke night and there was a great mix of people there…the cowboys, the punk rockers, the couple dressed in head to toe RED, the gangster, the hippie couple from down the road…so much fun! We got to know some of our neighbors and played some pool, just like the good old days!

Dave sang some karaoke and totally worked the crowd! It was so hilarious! So today we are nursing our self-induced headaches and relaxing at home. Happy Sunday all!




Happy VD!!!

haha, did you catch the joke?

This is one of the few recent (xmas) images of me and my love…


I hope you all get the smooches and snuggles that you deserve today. Now I’m off on a date, woohoo!


Winter Blahs

I was going through some old summer photos this afternoon and found this little gem…

DSC_1528 copy

Summer can’t come soon enough.


Two posts in a row…

…without any pictures…I can’t stand it any longer! Here you go…

Watch out...


Staying true to yourself

Photography is probably the only thing that I have in my life that is truly mine. I am uber protective of it…really it is kind of ridiculous. It’s probably no secret that I am working on building a portfolio…and I get a lot of advice from well meaning people about what I should do…which of course tends to be what they like or what they think would bring in the big bucks. But guess what…I’m not listening!! hahahaha!!!!

When my portfolio is finished it will be full of the images that speak to me…and I could really care less if I ever make any money with my photography. I would be happy as a clam going through the rest of my life just snapping the shots that I am inspired to snap. Sure, it’d be cool (okay, amazing/awesome) if someone else liked them too and wanted to pay me to create more of them…but I need to keep this thing mine.

And hey…this guy couldn’t agree more. Check out his inspiring words.


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