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Me and Coen, on the side of a bus?

Maybe! I just received word from Getty that a couple of my images have been sold! This thrills me to no end, especially since my entire existence for the last 14 weeks has pretty much been limited to work and sleep, sleep, sleep. Unfortunately Getty doesn’t tell you exactly how the images will be used, but they do tell you what the images are licensed for…one for a textbook, one for outdoor transportation (?!?!?), one for print ad/ magazine, and one for point of sale and trade-show. The last three are rights for the same image…so I’m guessing they are being used in a campaign for some kind of product…although since the image is of Coen and I making fishy faces, I’m not sure what they’d be selling!

So if anyone is ever in Portugal or Brazil (yup, that is where the company’s are from!) and see me on the side of a bus or on the cover of a textbook drop me a line, LOL!

Maybe the knowledge of actually selling a couple images will help me get my tush in gear and answer the email that Getty sent out asking for 5 more submissions from their contributors (eek, I’m a “contributor”). How lame is it that I’ve been blowing it off? I can hear my Dad now, “Oh, Kirsten”… I will, I will, get on that, right after my nap. 😉

In other news…oh wait…yawn, I have to get to bed…more later, really. I’m serious this time. How long does pregnancy exhaustion last again?




Has it really been four weeks since my last post?! The hubby chastised me yesterday for being a total lame-o and not updating my blog…so here it goes…I’m preggo! Old news to anyone who knows me in “real life” but I still get a tiny thrill out of telling people.

This little kicker will be making his/her appearance in mid-November so I’m finally getting past the icky part of being pregnant, THANK THE LORD! It is a whole different ball game being pregnant with a three year old to keep me running around! Last time I was pregnant I would just come home from work and veg for a few hours before going to bed super early and that worked pretty well for getting through the first 12 weeks. This time…uh, nope! My hubby has been AWESOME, though, and really taking over alot of stuff so I can get some more rest…in fact I often hesitate to tell him that I am feeling better because I am enjoying the pampering so much!

Coen is SUPER excited to have a little baby on the way. We tried to keep it a secret from him…but we were just too excited. In fact the day after I found out I was pregnant I was putting Coen into his car seat and he said to me “**sigh** I love my sister”…it kinda freaked me out a bit, LOL!
And now he is convinced that he also he a baby in his tummy, “but don’t worry, mom” he says to me, “I’ll share it with you.” Such a sweetie!

There! Updated! See that wasn’t so bad! I’ve been so nauseous so far that even looking at a computer screen makes me ill…so now that I’m officially in my second trimester I **hope** I will be back more often…and with, gasp, photos!


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