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Another cute Coen video

Daddy got some new video software…check it!

No from Dave Geyer on Vimeo.

Isn’t he just the cutest?!

(WordPress is driving me crazy…sometimes I can upload video, sometime I can’t)


Totally random updates

Hey everyone out there in bloggy land! I know I have been MIA for most of the Summer…but yes, I’m still alive!

Here are some totally random updates for you!

1) Coen started preschool!! He LOVES it and from what the teacher tells me is quite the little helper in class. He is only there two mornings per week, but I think that is plenty for him at this stage. Sadly I missed being able to drop him off for his first day (stupid work!) but Daddy made this sweet little video…and I feel like I was almost there!

2) I am back to my normal part-time schedule at work…although it was nice to be able to work full time for the Summer since Dave’s job instituted a 2 month furlough for it’s employees…and with another baby on the way that was, how do you say, NOT GOOD TIMING. Such is life…we are getting good at living frugal!

3) Baby #2 is almost done cooking…just 5 more weeks (cross your fingers that it’s a bit less!) before his due date! I am sooo DONE being pregnant. As much as I have tried to enjoy it…I am ready to not have insane back pain that literally renders me unable to walk some nights. On top of that…I have gestational diabetes this time around which among other things is a real pain in the…finger. Luckily I am able to control it without any insulin so far…so keep your fingers crossed for me that I’m not the next woman to deliver a 19 pound baby! Yikes! Coen has been awesome through this whole thing…he helps me take my blood sugar…and hasn’t complained too much that I can’t run around at the park with him anymore. It breaks my heart that I can’t wrestle around with my boy and I am so looking forward to really getting to play with him again in a few weeks.

4) I have been continuing to nest like crazy…my sewing machine has gotten quite the usage in the past few months! Since I can’t do much else…all this energy has got to go somewhere! Here are a few projects I’ve been doing…

Clockwise from top left…a quilt for the babe (my first!), little baby booties, curtains for Coen’s bunk bed and a little banner for sweet dream wishes, and a picnic blanket for the family (you can’t tell in the picture but it’s BIG and I can’t wait to use it!). The picnic blanket and “dream” banner are from the book Handmade Home (well kinda…as we are being frugal I spent some time pouring over the book at the bookstore and then recreated them from memory, LOL). The book encourages using recycled fabric…so some of these projects were pretty inexpensive to make! Bonus!

5) Coen has been going through a major “mommy” phase…especially at night. He’s never been a great sleeper but being able to tag team with Dave really saved my sanity. But now he doesn’t want anything to do with Daddy at night and as much as we try to alternate, I end up getting up after Coen cries and pleads to be rocked by his Mommy…I just can’t say no! Actually, I don’t mind too much, as I know how much less I will be able to snuggle and cuddle with him once the new baby makes his appearance. It sounds weird but I am starting to mourn the loss of our current family dynamic already…even though I know that it will be just as wonderful and amazing with the new little guy. And when Coen crawls into our bed at 5am and snuggles up to me with his arms around my neck and his forehead pressed to mine…I really could not be more content!

Some more random photos that have been sitting in my camera…

Little wood nymph Coen…after a session of outdoor finger painting with Daddy…he was covered in paint and kept hiding in the bushes…so funny.
_DSC2471 copy

Coen’s getting into collecting things…we are so lucky to live so close to the beach!
_DSC2492 copy

No idea if this is normal for a 3.5 year old…but he sculpted his name in playdoh ALL BY HIMSELF! I was so shocked when I looked over and he said…look I made my name! He is a genius!
_DSC2507 copy


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