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Happy New Year!

Just a quickie post wishing you all a happy New Year!

Blake and I will be celebrating this one together, minus the other two boys since they are off playing¬†in Cabo San Lucas with Dave’s family. We wanted to include little Blakey in the annual after Christmas tradition of skipping all the snow and bad weather and heading to the warm beaches of Mexico, but I thought dragging a newborn across the border would have been pushing it a little. ūüėČ Next year!

I, unfortunately, came down with a cold (second time this month!? Give a mom a break already!) the day they left and so Blake and I have been snuggled up on the couch watching TV (the whole 2 channels we get, sans cable) and keeping each other awake for most of the night hours (me with the coughing and him with the nursing). Although luckily I’m not feeling too tired since I have been able to nap freely in the afternoon!

One of my New Years resolutions is to eat less “from the box” this year. There was a time when I would shop and the food we bought was either a) plucked from the earth, or b) meat, but as time has become more precious with a little guy around, more and more of our shopping cart is being occupied with processed food and I want to change that! We signed up for an organic foods delivery service that brings us a variety of 12-15 seasonal fruits and veggies every week (right to our doorstep!) from a¬†local organic farm and I’m going to do my best to plan our meals around that. Wish me luck…I’m not so good with the whole “thinking ahead” concept.

Of course I have to post a pic of “Blakey Blake” as we have come to call him! Such a sweet sweet baby!


I can’t get over this outfit…so cute!


Have a happy, healthy New Year!


Holiday Fun

We had a bit of a rough week with colds going around so we thought it’d be nice to get out and do a couple fun holiday activities…activity numero one, ice skating! Dave had taken Coen ice skating a few weeks ago¬†(see cute video here), but I got to see him show off his stuff this time around.


Then across the street we went to see the miniature train display. The kids all stand in line to get their chance to be the official “conductor” and run the train for a few minutes. Of course that was a big hit!


And finally we took our first portrait as a family of four! Blake was seriously confused as to why we were all shoving ourselves into a tiny photo-booth…


I hope you have all been good this year so Santa brings you something special! Me? I’d settle for being able to type faster than 10 words per minutes with my one unoccupied arm!


Just Chillin’

Hope your weekend has been as chill as ours…


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What it’s really like…

It’s not always sunshine and lollipops at our house! Check out the evidence…

This might look sweet but it was taken about five minutes after I finally got a¬†fussy¬†baby to sleep and then Coen¬†had the hugest tantrum I think I have ever witnessed…then they both promptly fell asleep in my arms after rocking them…good times!

Chances are, if you are holding Blake, Coen is crawling on you somewhere…

I have come down with another cold…just in time for my first week alone with the two monsters! Greaaaaate…


Hibernation Mode

It’s a strange thing when you have a baby and things SLOW DOWN. You wake up and all of a sudden it’s already 1pm and nobody has had a shower or brushed their teeth or even really had a decent meal but somehow you’ve been busy since 7am!

We have definitely¬†been in hibernation mode…and I’ve been taking advantage of Dave being home by sleeping whenever I can and then nursing Blake pretty much takes up the rest of the time! He goes back to work next week, for just that week before taking another 4 weeks off for his parental leave, so Coen¬†and Blake and I get to have a little test run to see how our routine will change once Daddy is back to work full-time!

Blake is doing great, and still seems to be pretty chill, yay! I am loving the newborn stage this time around and can actually enjoy him being so tiny and cuddly. We are sleeping pretty well, although Blake does seem to have his day/nights mixed up a bit as his longest stretch of sleep is usually mid afternoon. He wants to be up at about 2am for a solid 2 hours, but he’ll usually just spend that time laying next to me staring at the pictures on the wall and me, which is pretty sweet too. Dave and I have worked out a pretty good system for sleep, so I think we are all handling it pretty well!

I can’t believe it is almost Christmas! I had high hopes for a bunch of handmade gifts this year…but I think we’ll need to hit the stores instead for most…ah well. Next time I’ll have to start in August and not have a baby right before Thanksgiving!

I had a little photoshoot with the boys this morning!

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Welcome Blake!

Welcome Blake!

Welcome Blake!


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