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January 26th

 Mean mommy

Dear Blakey Blake,

Today you tried to return my smile, even though you were crying to be picked up. I think it was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Kisses, Mommy

In other news…I decided to join this Quilt Along. I been wanting to make a quilt for our living room, and this quilt looks pretty easy, and since I’ve been wanting to learn more about quilting it seemed like a perfect opp! Join me if you like! It is broken up into 6 weeks…this week is the fun part, picking out fabrics. Here is a little preview of the ones I chose.

Quilt along

(pssst, don’t tell Dave I bought more fabric…I have some kind of weird fabric addiction that I’m trying to hide)

Oh, yeah…have you seen my cute new baby boy? He’s the best.


Been awhile…

…since I’ve done a selfie! I can hardly believe that I actually did 100 self-portraits in a row last year…it seems like forever ago! I have to say I don’t miss it, LOL! I was feeling very Breck girl today and actually got myself put together enough to look presentable to go lunch with my ladies (we missed you Lish!) and decided it was occasion enough to document, since I’ve been spending way too much time in my comfy sweats (eeew, I know!)…Blake got to meet the girls for the first time and he was very well mannered during our lunch. Such a gentleman! He’ll have you girls fooled that it is so easy to take care of a newby!


Dave officially goes back to work Monday so wish me luck! I’m excited to play stay at home mom for a couple more months before I have to start back to work too. There will be cookies baked and art projects created I tell you!

Oh and p.s. I added some more links to my video page…if you’re bored and want to see Mr. Geyer’s awesome video montages of our family, check them out!


4 reasons i love you…

(excuse the brevity of this post, typing one-handed here…)

#1 – I find surprise acts of housekeeping (labels on the drawers, lol) when I wake up from sleeping in ’till 10am.

#2 – Upon waking up, and seeing me look like this, you tell me I’m beautiful. (that, and I wanted to show off my new glasses)

#3 – I have a whole box filled of tons of these little love notes…(you’re slacking a bit on this lately, fyi 🙂 )

#4 – You helped me make this guy…and he makes me so happy.


January 10th

Finished quilt…crinkly goodness. I don’t think my cousins read this blog, so I’m safe posting this (If not, SURPRISE! I hope you like it!)



Someday I’ll have to actually sit down and read a book on quilting…for I’m sure I’m doing it all wrong. But it’s fun to pick out pretty fabrics and sew them up together!

Our farm box bounty…so far so good!


Just a little somethin’

I’m sure most of you have seen this cool poster (I see it everywhere these days)…so I thought I’d share this little goody that I found today that made me laugh. You can go here to download and print your very own, if you like!


I’m putting one in my little crafting/computing corner as a reminder for the year to come!

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A couple of lovelies

A couple of lovely moments from today…

  • Sending out a homemade loaf of french bread to some friends who just had their first baby (to go along with some store-bought tomato bisque soup, hey cut a girl some slack, I have a new baby, too!).
  • Almost finishing up a little floor quilt for my Cousin’s yet-to-be-born little girl, and getting to use some of the insane amount of girly, but NOT pink, fabric I’ve been hording.
  • Coen’s hugginnes…he’s becoming quite a little hugger lately. I think I can count at least 5 really great hugs he gave me today…now I don’t have to mug them from him all the time!
  • Eating my favorite Vince’s pesto pizza with my men-folk.
  • Exchanging “are you sure we shouldn’t hold on to these….?” taunts and teases with my hubby when sending along Blake’s outgrown newborn sized clothes with the above mentioned bread and soup.
  • Watching my husband play Yahtzee in the kitchen with Coen, while simultaneously putting away dishes, AND with Blake strapped to his chest.
  • Blake smiling up at me when he hears my voice…in his little “I can only figure out how to make one side of my mouth work at a time” way.
  • Realizing that one of the benefits of rocking my children to sleep every night is having the quiet moment to reflect on how lucky I am to be able to love them both so completely.


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