Random Updates

Just a few random updates!

Coen updates:

  • We have started reading Coen “chapter books” (I can’t believe he is old enough for this already!), a series for preschoolers called The Magic Tree House. He LOVES to anticipate what will happen in the next chapter and WILL NOT let me cheat and look forward at the next picture in the book. Sometime I chase him around with it and he covers his eyes and giggles so he won’t lose the surprise of what comes next. I was a bit hesitant that he would sit and listen without pictures on every page, but he can’t get enough of this story and it is always a fun outing to go and get the next book in the series with him.
  • It seems like Coen might be suffering a bit in the attention department as we have seen a bit more acting out on his part…poor guy. We are trying our best to encourage him to behave better and it seems to be working….especially when we use video game time as a bribe for going the entire day without any time outs.
  • We are still rocking him to sleep every night…Dave and I take turns doing this. It is a blessing and a curse sometimes though…and when Dave is out of town it will definitely be interesting to see how I can manage with two kids who are pretty needy in the evening. But it is quality snuggle time and we both enjoy it (most nights).
  • Coen turns four soon! Crazy!!!! He is getting so big!

Blake updates:

  • Blake continues to be an easy baby! Yay! It will be sooooo interesting to see what he will be like in a few years, hopefully he will keep his calm personality.
  • Sleeping is going okay…we are still waking up about every three hours with him until about 3am when he starts grunting and groaning every 5 minutes or so until he wakes up for good at 6am. It is not so bad since he is sleeping right next to me and I don’t have to get up to take care of him, but still. I’m hoping this ends soon. It works out pretty well with me doing all the night stuff and then handing him off to Daddy after his last feed to play for awhile while I sleep until 8 or so.
  • Blake is cooing and smiling and talking more than ever…even a few giggles here and there. It is so much fun to have a baby around again.

Me updates:

  • I am very happy to announce that having 2 kids is not much harder than having one! We are in the groove now and I can put aside my fears of not being able to handle it…at least until Blake starts being mobile! Grandma has been picking up Coen after his pre-school (twice a week) for some one-on-one time with him….which has been amazing! Blake and I spend the whole day together snuggling and I can catch up on sleep and housework. Thanks Grandma!
  • The quilt-a-long I joined has been fun…even though I didn’t realize this particular quilt we are making has seams that actually need to LINE UP! Mine don’t in many places but who really cares…the quilt is for our couch anyhoo.
  • Dave and I have been REALLY enjoying our evenings alone together, since we started putting Blake to bed in his co-sleeper for the first part of the night (can you believe we held him for almost 3 months when he was asleep until we all went to bed at 10 or so?!). It is so nice to be back to my normal self and not in physical (and quite excruciating) pain from pregnancy.
  • I now have 9 images for sale with Getty (well 2 that are still pending the final approval process). It still amazes me that most months I get a nice little check from them, so hopefully I can keep submitting and build my little portfolio.
  • We are looking forward to my sister’s visit from Germany for Coen’s birthday (and to meet Blakey Blake of course). It’s been too long!

That’s pretty much it except for these cute photos!

Coen loving on his bro…(photo by Daddy)

Quilt top sewing…just a few more steps until it’s completion!

Baby love…

  1. #1 by Mandi on February 14, 2010 - 1:48 am

    Sweet. Happy Valentine’s Day! Can’t wait to hang out with you all soon!

  2. #2 by Jill on February 16, 2010 - 9:25 pm

    Kirsten, I think you are handling life with two kiddos so very well. I’m glad you have gotten back into your own groove. Happy Valentine’s Day! Lots of love you and your boys. And, Happy early Birthday to the big almost 4 year old. Time sure does fly.

  3. #3 by killlashandra on February 17, 2010 - 10:43 am

    Ah cute pictures as always. 🙂 Well the attention issue is not surprising. My 4 year old has his good moments and his bad ones with the 8 month old. Now that EC is crawling that does help a little bit. WW has more interest in playing with a moving target so to speak. 😉

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