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Nothin’ sweeter…

…than seeing your man snuggled up with your baby. Word.


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It always seems like March is such a busy month and this March has proven to be the busiest ever! We had our first week without Daddy here and 2 kiddies to look after, a quilt along in progress, Coen’s birthday week (yes, it’s a week around here!), and Aunt Mandi who came all the way from Germany for the event! It’s been fun but exhausting and we are all ready to relax this weekend for sure. Here are some of the highlights in photos…

Coen opening his birthday gifts…we decked out the house in streamers and balloons for his “real” birthday day. He was so excited to FINALLY be FOUR!
I'm four!

I'm four!

Birthday breakfast…

Batman is “the man” around here! Grandma Pam sent a batman cape which he LOVED and which is much more believable than the towel he was previously running around in.

Little brother still getting used to what can only be described as “brotherly love”.
Not sure about this...

Auntie Mandi meets Blake for the first time and learns how much energy it takes to fend off Coen.
Aunt Mandi

Quilt is finished! Amazing how much one can accomplish in between naps and episodes of Blue’s Clues!
Quilt along - done!

Quilt along

Next project is in progress…
Blake's quilt

Phew…I’m exhausted!


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