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I hate coming up with blog post titles

Will someone please tell this little cutie to stop waking up 5 times a night already! Mommy is tired and she doesn’t sleep in anymore since she has to get up for work at 6am and this whole nurse-every-45min deal is starting to get old fast and she is WAAAY too tired at night to actually try getting you back to sleep without nursing, which would, ironically, probably solve the problem anyway.


Oh yeah and I made a fancy bib for Blake’s insane drool…don’t look too close though because the back of it is totally jacked up, the binding was impossible to get around those tight curves. I used the prefold cloth diapers we bought and used for only a month because we are NOT INTERESTED IN DOING MORE LAUNDRY! Sorry, earth, this family will have to find another way of saving you. I think the diapers will be prefect for  catching drippy drools though! I am going to make some more once I figure out a better way of doing the binding.



A perfect day…

…sleeping in,
a little bit of sewing,
a little bit of photography,
a trip to library (by myself),
3 naps by Blake,
2 boys outside working in the yard,
watching Coen running through the sprinkler,
sitting on the porch swing reading “Where the Sidewalk Ends” with Coen and giggling at the silly poems,
watching Daddy grill with one hand and holding Blakey Blake wrapped in a towel fresh from the bath with the other,
yummy steak and corn,
silly made-up jokes from Coen,
kids asleep by 8:30pm
nice cold beer in hand.




Fancy pants

…because I just don’t have enough projects to work on (I’m procrastinating with other crafts)!? A few more pants finished!  These are SO EASY to make, seriously…and I even bought some fancy organic knits and eco-friendly hemp cloth for these…since they only take 1/4 yard to make (for up to 4T) they are cheap at only $2.50 total cost for even the most expensive fabric. I made Coen a pair this time too…and he LOVES them…woot. In pictures of course…maybe someday I’ll get around to taking some pics of my kids faces…sheesh!

I had fun adding my own little design alterations to these ones…I think they turned out really great and I’m learning more about sewing clothes, which is WAAY different then quilts!

These are Coen’s…
More pants

3 more for Blake…
More pants

It’s all in the details…(don’t mind the stained ironing board!)
More pants

These’ll be good when he’s a bit bigger…last time I sew with this fabric, seriously painful (but totally cute and worth it)
More pants

Because all 5 month olds need pockets, you know, for their binky.
More pants

Hope you all had a great weekend!


New Sched

So I thought it’s be fun to post my current daily schedule…for future reference (aka when I start thinking that having  baby might be fun).

6am – Wake for the day…or I should say **get up** for the day, since chances are I’ve been awake since about 4:30am patting someone’s bottom trying to get him to go back to sleep.

6:05 Make coffee…almost most important part of the day.

6:15 Shower

6:20 Make sure Dave is up getting Blake ready.

6:45 Wake the beast (aka Coen when he has to be woken up)

6:50 Hold Coen while he whines and cries about being woken up.

7:00 Try to nurse Blake…if he won’t (he is NOT a fan of eating when he is not hungry), then pump (hate, hate!)

7:15 make sure everything is packed and ready to leave (includes: my purse, cell, keys for work), my lunch bag, the Pump (yes it starts with a capital P), diaper bag (with said pumped milk), Coen’s lunch, Coen’s backpack, carseat (which hopefully has Blake in it by this point,))

7:20 Leave for Grandma’s (I don’t know why I always say “grandma’s” since Grandpa nd and Uncle Chad are going to be there too)

7:35 Stop at random coffee shop because Coen has to do a number 2…which involves getting off the wonderful side street I’ve found that has no traffic (and no bathrooms) and across the train track that ALWAYS has a train coming when you have somewhere you REALLY need to be going

7:45 Curse under my breath because I am always running late…and I really, truly hate that.

7:50 Arrive at Grandma’s, see Coens face light up and him run and snuggle with his favorite non-mommy person in the world. That part always gets me.

7:55 Drive to work

8:06 Arrive at work….blah blah blippity blah. Pump, pump, pump.

12pm (preschool days) or 2pm on non preschool days – Leave work to pick up kiddos.

12:30/2:30 – pick up kiddos, hugs kisses, get the #?@! in the car alreadys

1:00 – pick up Coen from preschool or 2:30pm get home…

eat, nap (Blake, lucky fellow), play (bestest part of the day)…wait for the joyous moment when Dave arrives home from work.

6:00 Make dinner, clean pump, bottles

6:30 bath for Blake…try to remember when Coen last had a bath (sometimes he goes for much longer than is really sanitary)

7pm bedtime for Blake

7:30 book and dessert for Coen (Dave and I switch between who puts who to sleep)

8:15 babies are in bed, mama removes beer from fridge (hooray!)

8:30 on – wait with baited breath for Blake to wake up for his next feeding…silently fearing the monitor all the while.

10pm – lay sweet head on the pillow

10:15 – Blake wakes up…and does so every 2 hours or more until the next day.

Sigh. I’m exhausted. (but I’m loving every minute of it…sort of)


First week back to work

Well, my first week back was pretty uneventful. It was hard dropping off the babe to Grandma’s house (not to mention getting up at 6am after being up most of the night) but I know he is probably loving all the smooches and cuddles he gets from the grandparents and uncle Chad! I am probably going to spend the next few weeks fixing all the blunders came from my poor coworkers being handed my work (on top of doing their own!) while I was away…but I guess that’s job security!

Hopefully next week goes as smoothly…since it will be a full week for me and Coen will be added into the mix as well. We’re still trying to decide if it will better to let Coen sleep in and have Daddy do a separate drop off to Grandmas on his non-preschool days or if we should chance him being mister grumpity grump if we wake him at six….hmmm.

I started ANOTHER quilt…which I LOVE!! I am going to keep this for myself, I think. This one is a “string quilt”, it’s a great way to use up scraps of fabric and looks pretty cheerful and bright no matter what you throw into the mix…if you want to make your own check out the easy and fun tutorial HERE!
Scrappy string quilt



Coen has had an aversion to the camera for awhile now (that is, of course, unless I’m a photographing Blake, lol)

Sometimes all I get is a foot…

It’s okay, I can work with that…

Oh, now he’s mad…peanut butter face makes it hard to take him seriously though.

…and then hits me with a cheesy smile.

He’s still my favorite muse.

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Blake’s room

It’s not news to most of you that our house is TINY…but that doesn’t mean Blake doesn’t deserve his own space! Last weekend we rearranged our bedroom to see if we could fit a crib in there next to our bed. It didn’t look like it was going to work but we barely squeezed it in! It actually looks awesome and we are relieved that Blake will be able to stay in our room until he is sleeping through the night (which hopefully will be soon…I’m talking to YOU Blake!).

We framed a couple of post cards for the wall from the artist Junzo Terada, who is amazing!!! It a great frugal trick to cut apart books or frame postcards instead of buying prints that can be very pricey! We got the book of 30 post cards for $9 and framed 8 for Coens room and 4 for Blake’s and we have plenty left over to send out!




And here are some baby pants I made for Blake…using this tutorial. I will definitely make these again!

I’m off to work tomorrow…eeek!


Last horrah

This was my last week as a stay at home mom…I have to admit, I’ve always thought it was probably easier to be a working mom, but I’ve changed my mind. Now I think working part-time is probably harder than staying at home or working full-time. I’m kind-of looking forward to going back to our normal routine, but it’ll be much crazier this time around with two little ones with two different schedules and places to be (preschool, and Grandma’s). I’m resuming my part-time schedule…but that also means that the fun part of the day (morning) I’ll be at work…and then the hectic (and grumpy) part of the day, I’ll be home. Although, I feel blessed to have parents who watch over my little loves…and I’d be hard pressed to take away the time together that has created such a beautiful bond between them. I look forward to seeing Blake’s little face light up the way Coen’s does when he sees Grandma and Grandpa.

I decided that I really suck at documenting fun outings…so I don’t have much to show for our AWESOME trip to Great Wolf Lodge last weekend, but I prefer to be part of the fun vs the one documenting the fun…I’ll have to work on that. Here is one pick of Coen when we stopped on our “road trip” for McD’s (a ritual I’m both ashamed of and delighted by all at the same time).


And here is a little side-by-side comparison of Blake and I as babies…as Dave says “I was a weird looking kid”, I prefer the term “unique”. Blake got the cuter side of things, luckily.



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