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Working working working

I’ve been a busy girl these days…I would start rambling on about feelingĀ  bad about not posting enough, etc, etc. but luckily I don’t have to since I put a new thingy in my sidebar (the BWO logo with the little birdie on it) click on the logo to read about guilt free blogging.

We have been pretty sleepless around here because of this guy. He likes to wake and eat and then toss and turn ALL NIGHT LONG in 30 minutes increments. The past few nights, though, he has only been waking every 2 hours and then sleeping solidly until his next wakeup…yes I said only…this is a HUGE improvement. Tis the curse of the breastfeeding mother, I suppose, but I hope it gets better soon. But isn’t he just the cutest thing ever?!
photo by Dave

I finally finished my string quilt…I ended up making it much smaller than I originally intended, which is good because I encountered multiple problems with it stretching out of shape (due to all the little pieces). I just did some wonky straight line quilting on it and now just have to attach the binding! Hooray!
String Quilt is complete....

Here’s the back…
String Quilt, back side

Mother’s day was awesome…I made a gift set for my Mom (4 pillow covers, 1 table runner, and 6 coasters) from some fabric she had given me, and this cute little clutch. I made one for myself as well (in yellow and green, no pics though…I’m getting lazy) and am using it to keep my coupons in.
sewing insanity

sewing insanity

We keep a dry erase marker in our bathroom to write little notes to each other on the mirror…and Coen loves to draw little pictures while we are getting ready in the morning…here is one of his latest creations…total awesomeness. Please note that this drawing includes the a) kneecaps b) nipples and c) stomach D) teeth E) belly button…located between the nipples, lol f) his siggy. Oh and the little dots at the bottom is a connect the dots game he made for us…just in case we get bored.
Coen Art

New projects in the works…yet another quilt in progress…love this little bird
Totally organic, man

I’m going to try sewing a shirt…by looking at the directions, I’m pretty sure many curse words will be said in the making of this top…we’ll see how it goes!
sewing insanity


What I did last night while I should have been sleeping…

…made a table runner as a gift for a friend’s housewarming! I was inspired by this tutorial. It was nice to actually start and finish a project in one take. I hope she likes it!



I love this one with Blakey Blake in the background…he may keep me up at night, but he makes up for it during the day by being such a chill baby!
Table runner


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