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Tips and tricks – The Sun

Because I am first and foremost a “mommy photographer” I thought I’d share a little tip for any parents who want to take better shots of their kids.

Full sun in the middle of the day is probably one of the most challenging times to take beautiful photos of your kids…and it’s also the time of day that you are probably out having fun and want to take pictures of them! Dang it! What is a mommy to do when there isn’t a shady place to be found?

Here is an example…of what NOT to do.
See all those ugly shadows and how the light parts of the photo are REALLY bright and the dark parts are really dark? Eeew. This was because I was standing with the sun behind me and the sun was shining straight onto my subject.

In the photo below I changed my position so the sun was behind my subject (counterintuitive, I know!)…huge difference. It’s one of those simple things you can do to make your photos so much better, no fancy camera or lens to buy either!

Coen just recently learned how to “pump”…so exciting for him! (and no more pushing for me, yay!)

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from 5:30 to 6:00pm

this is going on at the Geyerses…
from 5:30 to 6pm

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Ahhh sleep!


Warning…if you don’t have kids (and maybe even if you do), this post is probably going to be boring.

Blake is (knock on wood) finally sleeping through the night (well, waking up at 5am…but that’s good enough for me!!). I am breathing a BIG sigh of relief. After 10 months of not getting more than 3 hrs sleep at a time he finally started stretching out his sleeping periods. He goes to bed at around 7pm and he was waking at 10, 12 , 2, 4…then he started waking at 12, 2, 4…then 2, and 4…then 3 and 5…and now just at 5am. Mind you this was all on his own and within a few short weeks! We’ve discovered that he sometimes “wakes” and cries out for a couple of minutes then (gasp) puts himself back to sleep. Previously we would rush in when we heard him, because we thought that if we were able to get to him before he REALLY woke up, that we could possible lull him back to sleep. But one night (probably because I was already asleep) Dave decided he would let him cry for a bit to see what would happen and viola! He is only napping once a day, most days now, which is probably less than other babies his age, but it is impossible to get him to take a 2nd nap early enough to be able to get him to sleep by 7pm so that he has a long enough night sleep period since we have to be up by 6:00am so that I can be at work at a reasonable time (can you tell it makes me crazy?!).

Anyhow…we are all much happier with this arrangement and very glad that sleep troubles are behind us…at least until the next set comes (and we all know it’s not IF it’s WHEN). Which reminds me…I really should be in bed. Sleep tight webiverse!


Sophia ~ Seattle Newborn Photography

This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting little miss Sophia. You might remember the video Dave and I did of their family as they awaited her arrival into the world.  It seems like I just photographed her big brother’s newborn session…oh wait, I did! A mere year ago! Phew…little Mama has her work cut out for her!

Sneak peek time! Now I have to get back to editing photos!




As a photographer, there is always one image I fall hard for from a session…this one is it. I just love how REAL it is…the peeling hands, the scrunched up face…LOVE! It’s just totally my style.



Guess who slept ALL NIGHT LONG??!

10 months

Awesome…crossing my fingers that it’ll continue.


Our park

I rented some fancy camera lenses (85mm 1.8 rocks my world…and now it is MINE! Sorry budget…you lose). I tested it out on none other than the Geyer boys. And since Dave sent me this link to some cute storyboard templates…viola!


P.S. Blake’s hair right corner bottom…yes, it always looks like that…no it isn’t on purpose. He has two cow licks (isn’t that what they are called?) that spin in opposite direction from each other, side by side, creating a tiny mohawk. He will hate it when he is older. We keep thinking that if we just let his hair grow a little more it will soon fall over, but alas. This child is destined for a crew cut (or at least a real mohawk, someday).




Four. Is. Hard.

We are struggling a bit with this age. Our house lately is a constant battleground of wills. I thought the terrible twos would be hard…but this is way harder. In fact I think this is the hardest age we have come across so far. Old enough to know better…but still little enough to need a lot of direction (and old enough to know exactly how to push it **just** far enough).

I was browsing a local bookstore the other day and came across a book with the title “Talk to me like I’m someone you love” or something like that. It actually made me tear up a bit. Do I always talk to Coen that way or do I let the frustration that has built up in me during the day spill over? Some nights I cringe when the kids are in bed and I look back to certain parts of the day…how I spoke…what I did (or didn’t do). I don’t think I am a perfectionist…but when it comes to raising my kids, yeah, I’m pretty hard on myself (as I’m sure most parents are). 

And so Dave and I have long talks and read the internet and lament about if we are doing all the things we can to bring up two well-adjusted little boys. All I ask is that at the end of the day (and middle and beginning!)…that they feel loved.

I wonder if there is a zen meditation book for parents out there? hmmmmm.


Labor Day

Can anyone guess what we did to celebrate this Labor Day?





I hope your holiday was as fabulous as ours!
(note to self…you can make big files smaller…but you can not make small files bigger. I told you this site is under construction!) 🙂

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Large and in charge…

But with tests this cute, who can blame me?
Okay, so this is the biggest I can post my photos…which is pretty big…probably too big. hmmm
Anyone else notice that when you post photos to Flickr they turn kind of greyish? Weird.


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More ch-ch-ch-changes

Just a quick note to let you know that this site is under construction…I logged in the other day to find all my fancy side bar stuff gone! 😦
But I think I have figured out how to finally get some big pictures on here…so testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.
Have a great holiday weekend!

9 months


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