Tips and tricks – The Sun

Because I am first and foremost a “mommy photographer” I thought I’d share a little tip for any parents who want to take better shots of their kids.

Full sun in the middle of the day is probably one of the most challenging times to take beautiful photos of your kids…and it’s also the time of day that you are probably out having fun and want to take pictures of them! Dang it! What is a mommy to do when there isn’t a shady place to be found?

Here is an example…of what NOT to do.
See all those ugly shadows and how the light parts of the photo are REALLY bright and the dark parts are really dark? Eeew. This was because I was standing with the sun behind me and the sun was shining straight onto my subject.

In the photo below I changed my position so the sun was behind my subject (counterintuitive, I know!)…huge difference. It’s one of those simple things you can do to make your photos so much better, no fancy camera or lens to buy either!

Coen just recently learned how to “pump”…so exciting for him! (and no more pushing for me, yay!)

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