Stay cool

Stay cool

I have always thought of myself as a very chill, go-with-the-flow type of girl. But it seems that the older I get the more of a stress-ball I become. Things that would normally not phase me in the least get me all wound-up and I’m having to come to grips with the “new me” and learn how to de-stress and let things go. It is a strange kind-of self-realization. Maybe it’s age…maybe it’s parenthood…maybe it’s trying to start a new business…money…the often out-of-town husband (the out-of-town part, not the husband part 🙂 )…work…schedules…housework. Sheesh, I didn’t realize my list was so long…no wonder I’m stressed! Anyway…I’m trying to learn how to be a duck…and let it all slide off my back.

Happy Sunday!

  1. #1 by Sandra Larsen on October 24, 2010 - 7:16 pm

    It could be all of the above happening at the same time.

  2. #2 by Jamie on October 25, 2010 - 11:52 am

    I hear ya on the stress. The other day I had my annual wellness checkup and flu shot appointment with my doctor. We got to chatting about all the many adventures of my life this past year and how I don’t sleep through the night any more (and I don’t even have kids!). She looked and me and said, “girl, you need to take it down a notch. I’d like to prescribe you some anti-anxiety medication.” Now, I’m not really one to go the medication route, so this was a huge wake-up call. I, too, am learning the art of destressing and staying cool.

    On a more positive note, the colors in these pictuers are SO COOL! I love the way they pop. 🙂 Hugs!

  3. #3 by Jill on October 31, 2010 - 1:14 pm

    I LOVE the colors in this photo….and what an adorable face too. 🙂

    Stress, what’s stress??!! HA! I think you are handling it well, sista. It’s all about balance, right. Tip it this way, slip it that way. Don’t be afraid to let a couple of the balls drop once in a while.

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