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Just because…

Now every time he sees the camera he does this face.



Seattle Family Photographer ~ Newborn

I had the pleasure of photographing this little sweetie when she was 3 weeks old but one day before her due date. Not that she needed any more time to grow her head full of hair, mind you! We had fun documenting their family for the morning. Thanks guys!









Grandma and Grandpa came over for a little snuggle, too. Hooray for first grandbabies!


Grandma had brought over this beautiful sunflower…so we had to get a quick shot with it.




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Seattle Family Photographer ~ Video

I sometimes wonder what preconceived ideas people have about what a family photography session will entail when they book me. And I often wonder if,  after the shoot is over, if they walk away thinking “did she get any good ones?” or “But we didn’t DO anything extra-ordinary”. Because my style is very follow-you-around-and-let-you-play-and-be-yourself there isn’t really that sense of “oh, we did that pose and that other pose and then we went here and she posed us there”.

It’s really hard to see the beauty in your own interactions as a family…the things that you do so automatically…leaning over to smooch your daughter or give a quick tickle just to hear her squeal with laughter. But those are the moments to I love to capture…the ones that you do when (usually) no-one is watching.

This is why I love seeing the video that Dave has shot when he shadows me at a session. For me as the photographer, it’s fun to see the moments in motion that I have caught as a still. So fleeting…just half a second, but that’s all it takes.

So I present to you Dave’s video from the last session we did. Such a lovely and authentic family. Enjoy!




This a test post from my phone so bear with me. 🙂

My poor child has an ear infection. While not his first one…it is the first one that has warranted treatment (mainly because I can’t stand to see him in pain).

In Coen’s words “the best thing about being sick is that your mommy and daddy will bring you whatever you need…and you get to watch lots of tv”.

Best part for me…he’s extra snuggly.


Camera phone round-up

A couple of months ago I bought a camera phone. Ha! Remember when people used to ask “is it a camera phone?” Nowadays EVERY phone is a camera…you don’t even have to ask.

Anyway, I bought this particular camera because it boasted the one of the best camera phones available and since I don’t often lug my DSLR around when just out and about with the boys, I wanted something that would take a semi-decent photo AND fit in my pocket. Now I just have to get used to remembering that I can actually take photos with it (and not use a bunch of curse words when my children have already left the image finder by the time the shutter finally clicks).



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