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Seattle Family Photographer – Sneak, sneak peek

You know what I love? Coming home from a photo shoot with sand in my shoes. That is a good indicator of a super fun session. You know what else I love? A family that obviously loves to be together and will go along with my silly ideas with a happy heart. I had so much fun this afternoon this family…more to come, soon!


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Test shots

These are a couple of test shots from a roll of Kodak 400 NC that has been sitting in my camera for AWHILE. It’s always fun to get a roll developed when you don’t remember what’s on it!

As far as the film goes… I like it, but it goes pretty yellow in the shadows which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. And I am definitely spoiled by the Nikon f100 and lenses…but the little Ricoh can rock it…if you can be fast with the manual focus (which is interesting when shooting a toddler!).

I’m hoping that my oldest son, Coen, will get over his camera aversion. That boy needs to get on this blog so his far away family don’t forget what he looks like!



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Seattle Family Photographer ~ Fremont

This family was a dream to photograph…we had so much fun bumming around the neighborhood of Fremont. The boys were AMAZING and by the end of the shoot they were giving ME ideas for photos I should take of them! It was awesome!
Enjoy the little peek!



18 months

No words (well hardly) due to this little guy screaming and pulling at my arm. Adios!


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Seattle Event Photographer – Seattle Childrens Theater

On occasion I take photography jobs for events for non-profits, so when an old school-mate of mine contacted me to photograph an event she was producing, the fact that I would get to see her in her grown-up role (when she emailed me she mentioned how funny it was that we are where we are in life 15 years later, lol…I almost thought it was a typo!!) and the fact that it was for the Seattle Children’s Theater’s annual fundraiser made me say yes, yes, and YES!

It was an amazing event and I believe they reached their goal in funds to support the theater!! The art directors speech at the end nearly had me in tears…obviously I am a huge supporter of inspiring the imaginations of kids and know how important the arts are to gazzilions of human souls!

Here are just a few quick preview shots!


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