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Chicks in the house!

Seriously. They are in our kitchen. 🙂

(Coen and Fluffy)

Coen and I have been researching the fundamentals of chicken raising for the last few weeks and we finally got our little chicken nester all set up this weekend. I promised him yesterday that we would go get our chicks today (without seeing if our local feed store was open on a Sunday…I hate when I do that!) so we ventured to the outskirts of town to a cute little farm to get our chicks. Actually this worked in our favor because Cory, the farmer, spent a good deal of time with us showing us around and answering our many questions.

We ended up buying three chicks (Dave was a nay-sayer and thus he didn’t get one). Coen’s is an Orpington named Fluffy, Blake’s is a Rhode Island Red, yet-to-be named…and mine is a Wyandotte named Opal. He he!

It’s only been a few hours, but the boys are in love…so far Fluffy is the nicest…and mine is the laziest! Weird chick fact…they sleep splayed out on the floor with their necks stretched out, like they are dead or dying. But I read that’s just how they sleep!

I had to get at least one shot of them tonight…but there are many more to come!


7 years…

…married to this wonderful man. Sometimes at night we’ll sit and talk forever about how perfect we are for each other…how lucky we are that we get to share our lives. A common phrase in this house is “We’re awesome.” Isn’t that silly? But it is true. 🙂




storyboard-comp-12Taken with Nikon F100 and fuji 400h


Seattle Family Photographer ~ Preview

A few more of my favorites from the session I did last week. I love this job!


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