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Mr. Geyer

I stole Dave this morning for a little photo shoot so I could test out some film…these are some I caught on digital to hold me over until I get the scans back. It is surprisingly difficult to take cool/not JCPenney catalog-esq photos of a single person, especially a male. We had fun though and I think he did awesome! Can’t wait to see the film versions.

My hubby

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We eat out probably (way!!) more than we should but we like our good food and pretty spaces – no big chain restaurants for us! (well, sometimes the spaghetti factory slips in there!). Luckily we never stopped eating out after the kids were born so they don’t think anything of spending a couple of hours sitting in a restaurant, phew!


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My sister

My sister and her fellow came for the holidays!! We tried to do a little shoot but the rain (and mud!) got the better of us…


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Our tree

We cut our own tree this year…check out Coen haulin’ that thing around! He doesn’t get his super strength from me!!!


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two hens a laying…

Our chicks are finally laying! Well, my hen was actually a hen-ry…so he went back to the farm. 🙂

Chickens are laying!!
**Taken with Fuji 400H (I think).

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Random find

Going through some photos and found this old gem…MUST FIGURE OUT A BETTER WAY TO ORGANIZE PHOTOS. Sheesh.

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I call her “Birdie”…more in my head than I do to her, actually. The name stuck after an unfortunate hair coloring incident while we were living together in Spain 🙂 . She and I go waaaaaaay back and she is truly one of the loves of my life.
Alisha and Drew, you two absolutely are meant to share yourselves with each other in this life. I can’t wait to be there when you celebrate your commitment at your wedding! Eeeeeek!



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