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a little imperfection

One of my goals for 2012 was to stop getting wrapped up in photo perfection. I’ll admit that sometimes I won’t even pull out my camera unless the light is amazing and the setting is beautiful and interesting. But then I am missing so much!! Especially when you consider that I essentially live in a messy, windowless box, lol. Okay it’s not really that bad, but sometimes that’s how it feels.
My life does not take place in a sunny open field so of course my pictures should reflect that! The point is to capture the moments in their own unique beauty, right?
These are some old photos I took that I deemed not good enough to hit the blog…not perfect light…not perfect enviroment…but perfectly imperfect to me because this is how we *are*, really truly.


p.s. These photos were taken a while back after Blake had finished up some painting. I **LOVE** that in the bottom four you can see Coen come in from his cartoons to flip the crepe he is making. Just something about that is so him!

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Beach Combers

Beach combers


Embracing the Grain

In digital photography “noise” is NOT a good thing…but in film photography it can be (but they lovely refer to it as “grain”). I often add some grain back into digital shots, just ’cause I like the gritty, toothsome feel to it. B&W coming from a digicam can sometimes be so sleek and smooth it loses some of its omph. I wanted to test out some seriously grainy film so ran a roll of Ilford 3200 through my 35mm camera a few weeks ago. These shots might be pushing my grain tolerance even for me! But they are kind of arty. Next time I think I will try it with my medium format camera…I think that might be a better combination!

ilford 3200 in 35mm

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Food Photography Challenge ~ January

Recently I joined a great group of photographers who are cultivating their food styling and photography skills. The idea is that we will challenge ourselves each month with a specific assignment dealing with food photography and then share our final images on our blogs (scroll down for the link to the next photographer in our circle). SO FUN! I have already learned a ton from our Facebook group and it’s awesome to be amongst such talented and supportive photographers!

January’s challenge was “fruit on white”, no props, just one kind of fruit on a white backdrop. Sounds pretty simple but it was hard! Mainly because anything you do wrong will be SO obvious…since you are pretty much just working with light and fruit…nothing else to distract! I’ll admit I’m not really a “white background” kind of photographer…but this was a fun challenge!

So here it is!

We also decided we could play a little with some props after the challenge was complete so I used my back-up fruit…

I am so used to photographing people that I was really laughing at the fact that I would click the shutter and then wait for a different moment, then “nope nothing has changed…that pear is still there in the same spot”, lol. But seriously, next time we do a fruit shoot, it’d better be in the Summer…kinda hard to find fresh looking fruit mid-winter!!

Head over to Jennifer Grant’s Lifestyle Photo Blog | Michigan + Beyond to see her take on the challenge! (The blog circle will go around about 14 different photographers before leading back to me).



Silly boy…more film from the snow day roll…desaturated.


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Snow Day on Film

Snow Day
All images taken with Nikon F100 and Portra 400

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Museum of Flight


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A few days ago I went through my 2011 pictures to print some (42!) photos from the year and came across this one taken awhile ago with my 17-year-old manual focus film camera…I hadn’t liked the colors rendered in the film so much and thought “duh! De-saturate!”

This year I am keeping a folder called “yet to print” on my desktop that I will just copy selects into until I have enough that I want to send out…going through an entire year of photos takes forever!

Cheap film camera

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