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Food Photography Challenge ~ March

This months challenge was “Splash” and admittedly I strayed a bit this month…my idea originally was to do a dripping tea bag, which I though would qualify in a backwards kind of way…and I did actually photograph it but it turned out **horrible**.
I wanted to do a very clean fresh look for the tea shot and I didn’t even think that with all light-colored props a dark brown dripping tea bag would look very out-of-place (not to mention totally unappealing!). One rule of thumb I’ve learned regarding food photography is that if the photo doesn’t make you want to reach in to the picture and taste it then you failed!
Oh well! I still had fun and here are some of my best shots! Don’t forget to check out the other photographers our circle to check out there amazing splash concepts (I’ve seen a few sneak peaks and they are so awesome!). Click on Jennifer Olson | San Luis Obispo, CA Photographer  to continue the circle!


Almost there

This is the time of the year that Seattle folks start wondering when the constant rain and cloudy skys will end. The time when people take to Facebook and post strings of naughty words combined with confusing/shock symbols ?!?!!!! This morning it snowed, even. But these were on my coffee table when I woke up this morning which means it is spring somewhere!! There is hope after all!


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