Labor Day Camping

So a couple weeks ago my beloved Nikon F100 fell off the top shelf and onto the hardwoods below (along with my also-beloved Pentax 645n…but it somehow went unscathed). The gentlemen at the camera repair shop fixed her up, but said there might be some issues with the calibration on the focus and that would end up costing more money than replacing the camera, sad face. I decided to run a test roll and, well, since it has been a ridiculous amount of time since I had used a real camera, it was a perfect excuse to document some of our camping! I’m happy to report that focus is fine…at least to my eyes!
It seriously has been a very long time since I’ve used a nice camera…I get so used to just whipping out my phone, and for the most part it does the job. I had forgotten how much easier it is to get what you want with a manual camera, though! Anyway…these ones I just developed and scanned at Walgreens…oohhh, I heart the look of film so much! Must be that 70’s vibe…


This set is just a couple shots from a while back…did I mention we got a puppy? These are from last year, actually! Blakey starts preschool a few time a week, next week…so I will hopefully have a bit of time to get this blog back up and running! What?! Time to myself?! So. Freaking. Excited.


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