Point and shoot in film

The cool thing about film is that instead of using photoshop or actions to create a “look” to your photos you use film stocks, development and well, cameras! Every camera, every lens gives a little something different. I decided I wanted a little carry around point and shoot film camera to replace some of the images I am now taking with my phone and bought the Contax TVSii (because you can’t go wrong with Zeiss glass, even in a point and shoot!).
It is an itty bitty thing compared to my other cameras and ITS ALL AUTOMATIC. Most people would think that would be easier than shooting manually, but I am so used to just making all the adjustments and getting exactly what I want that it was actually a little scary to use at first. Literally you turn the thing on and “snap” the photo. So weird!! Also the viewfinder is similar to a rangefinder in that you aren’t actually looking into the barrel of the lens, just a little glass window that gives you no information on focus (but this baby focuses super fast and silently) or exposure.
I think I need to run a few more rolls through this baby to decide if I am going to keep it. Maybe I am just a bells and whistles kinda gal? Or maybe I am just a control freak.

Contax TVSii, Kodak Portra 160Contax point and shoot/Film

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