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Blake turns four!

So almost 2 months ago Blake turned 4! My last one was when he turned two. Ooops. So here is a little Blake round-up…better late than never, right?

Blakey Blake is still what we call you most often. However you have requested on many occasions (and quite seriously) that we change your name to Hot Head (from a character on Skylanders).

You are a talker. Talk talk talk…man sometimes I wonder how any one little person can have so much to say! On the other hand you can be so contemplative…especially in the car. You could sit in the car silently for hours staring out the window and observing everything. Unless Red Hot Chili Peppers is on…then you rock out.

Your favorite color is red, red, red. Everything you choose is always red…red crayons, red sunglasses, red legos, red hats.

You want to be a builder when you grow up specifically so you can build us a hotel to live it because “why would I just want to build one house when I could build a bunch of houses at the same time?” I think maybe our tiny house is starting to get to you 😉

You have a amazing imagination. You often make up the most intricate pretend games involving very specific goals and situations and will get dang upset with me if I can’t seem to quite piece together what is happening. You live happily in your own brain for much of the day.

You are starting to write words…Mom, Boo, wow and are pretty excited about putting those words in everything you draw.

You love books. Everytime we go to the library you are astonished that you can “buy” more than one book. You always say “Mama, if I put this book back can I get this other one?” and it’s like christmas when I say “You can get them both Blakey and we can even keep looking for more!”

You are very specific and careful about whatever you are creating. That mark goes HERE…that treasure sits HERE on my bookshelf. You teacher says that you are the only kid in class who ever asks her if he is doing his project “right”.

You love school! I think you are still mad at me for that one day I made you stay home because you were sick. It was the most devastating day of your life.

You are a collector. Any outdoor adventure we have ends with your pockets stuffed with special rocks and an armload of the most perfect sticks. You have an amazing shelf of your most special treasures…a secret pen, a lucky penny, real gold!!!, a necklace Daddy gave you, a scratch and sniff pizza bookmark, a rock with diamonds in it, a ceramic vase Coen made you, and a polaroid picture you took.

You think of others constantly. “We should get this for Coen.” “I’m saving this for Daddy.” “I found this flower for you mama.”

Your favorite activity is turning on some music and pulling all the cushions off the couch to make forts and trampolines with. You do this for hours EVERY day.

You love photography and you have a very keen eye on how far back to be to get your framing just right. For you, taking a pictures takes a few minutes to be sure it will be just perfect and every photo is kept. Deleting is not an option!

You have your “moments’ of naughtiness…but usually that entails saying something mean and then immediately asking if we are still friends and do we still love you.

You would like nothing more than to live in the same pair of comfy clothes for the rest of your life. You hate having your hair washed and your toenails clipped and I’m always hoping that CPS isn’t walking by our house when its time for those things to happen because you scream like the dickens!! I hope that ends soon!

Your favorite foods are quesadillas, chocolate milk, and oranges. You love spicy foods and pepper.

Every night you ask if I am going to snuggle with you (and how could I say no to that?) and we have our special way. We lay down for bed and you always say the same thing…”Let’s snuggle how we always do.” Faces smooshed together, little arms around my neck. Heart melting!

Oh how we love our little Blakey Blake! So big now, but still my baby.


Blake is 2!!

I'm 2!!

Blakey Blake! You are 2 today!

Your nickname, Blakey Blake has stuck for good. Even people who have just met you call you that. You call yourself that too.

You are such a beautiful little boy! You have the most remarkable combination of porcelain skin, rosy cheeks, blue eyes and angel soft blonde hair. Oh that hair! It grows so fast and we keep it long because it just suits your hippy style!

You can talk! Like, for real, sentences and everything. It’s pretty funny because you still look so much like a baby (to me, at least!). I love the little phrases you add-on to the end of your sentences, like “…I think.” or “…actually.” It makes you sound like a little old man!

You also love to play jokes on me. Your favorite is if we are at a store you will start whining about wanting something and I will say “Blake, we can’t get that” and you will laugh and say “Just kidding! Hahaha!”. You think you are pretty clever (you are!).

Speaking of smart you also know your colors, a few letters (B, W, O, X), shapes (circle, heart, star, square, triangle).

You only want mama at bedtime. You still wake up once or twice a night, although last night you slept from 7:30 (your usual bed time) until 7:30. I hope this continues because you + your bro getting up every night pretty much means that I am awake from about 4am on. *yawn*

You stopped breastfeeding at 18 months of your own accord but you still take a bottle before bed (and if you wake up). We have parent guilt for letting you have it for so long, but we are working up our courage to get you off this habit!

You eat like a bird! One bite here, another bite there. Some days I wonder if you will ever eat anything! It is very hard to not try to convince you to eat “just one more bite!!” but we try not to go that route in this family…food gets put in front of you and you are can eat it or not. We don’t want to encourage weird food issues. You are growing (skinny, but growing!) so that is good enough for us. I do keep snacks out for you all day though and let me tell you it does nothing for my waistline!

You are such an easy-going, happy child…often playing on your own or chasing Coen around trying to do whatever he does.

You don’t however take any crap from Coen! You are full of useful phrases like “Stop it!” “Mama said share!” “Stop talking to me” “Go away” and if push comes to shove, you give him the ol’ one-two punch “uh, uh, uh, uh” you say! (which of course is wrong, but it’s freaking adorable!).

The only time you reliably freak out and go tantrum crazy is when we get you dressed or brush your teeth. You just can’t understand why you can’t stay in your pj’s for the rest of your life!

You love…your blankets (although you have no one particular “blankie”), stuffed animals, reading, music, trucks, trains, dinosaurs, drawing, and riding around on my back as I crawl around picking up toys.

You have been excited about your birthday for weeks! We were waiting for Coen at his class the other day and you said “Let’s go!” and I said “Where, Blake?” and you matter-of-factly said “To get ready for my birthday!”

You have things that you treasure. And when you find such a thing it gets tucked very carefully under your arm and will stay there all day, making brief appearances so you can comment on it and then back under the wing it goes! The last thing you did this was the birthday card you got from Aunt Mandi.

You love to shop and be out and about in general. When we pull into our drive you will often say “No!! More shopping! Want to drive!”

Blake you are such a joy to our family! We love you so much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


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