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5.5 years – Coen update

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for awhile…there are a lot of posts like these on the internets, but this woman’s darling posts about her daughter is really what made me want to do it…so here it goes!


Coen! You are 5.5 years old now! How is that even possible?!

You just started Kindergarten, which you love…mainly because you get to ride the bus with your neighbor friends WITHOUT PARENTS!!

You love teaching people things…you are always wanting me to pretend I don’t know something so you can explain to me how it is done.

You are a popular kid in class…especially with the girls…they always know your name (and you never know theirs!)…they come up and give you big bears hugs and want to hold your hand and stuff…oh boy, we are in for it in about 8 or 9 years!

You are, and always have been an excellent student…your ability to sit and listen to all the rules and be outgoing never ceases to amaze me!

You are starting to read!! So exciting!! Although it takes a bit of encouragement to get you to sound out an entire sentence, because you a so used to getting everything figured out the first time…but it is coming so soon!

You love to read “chapter books” with us…Encyclopedia Brown, Choose Your Own Adventure, and Magic Tree House are favs. Your first long chapter book was Peter Pan, whom your love to watch (the live taped theater version). You were especially enthralled with the dynamic between Wendy and Tinkerbell because Tink was always calling her bad names.

You have already had your first kiss, you little stinker! When I asked you about it you told me that you wanted to have a baby, that’s why. When I said that it takes more than a kiss to have a baby, you said “oh, yeah, because you need loooooooove.” You said it just like that. Sigh.

You are a game kid…any kind…chess, Go fish, Yahtzee, Chutes and ladders oh and I can’t forget Uno!! You get seriously mad if people forget the rules, too. Daddy is your main card-playing man.

You LOVE your Grandma and Grandpa…the other day we were dreaming about building a secret passage way in our house and I asked where is should lead and you said “To Grandma and Grandpa’s house!” You thought it would be the best thing ever to just pop in on them whenever you wanted.

You still have major tantrum melt-downs almost every day. Seriously, child, it is getting old. Even Blake, your 18 month old brother, looked over at me one day during an “episode” and said “geeez louise!”. If you have an idea about how things should be…well you won’t settle for anything less. You will make a good president someday if you choose…you have stick-it-to-it-ness, that’s for certain.

You lost your first tooth! This was SO EXCITING. When you told me you had a loose one, I asked how you knew and you said that the first thing you always do when you wake up is check all your teeth to see if one is loose. I had no idea you were waiting for that day! The tooth fairy brought you a lovely little note and $4 (I think she was caught off-guard and didn’t have an even 5).

You have all of a sudden become very concerned with being left alone in public places. This is a very new thing as prior to now you couldn’t have cared a whit!

You hate it when I wear my hair up in a ponytail…you say it’s because I look like a girl in your class. You often take out my hair-band and run and hide it somewhere, never to be found again. I get really annoyed when you do that. It is a major pet peeve.

You are in Circus class! You spent a week this Summer at Teatro Zinzanni’s circus school and loved it so much that we decided to enroll you in some circus classes…we are lucky enough to have one very close to our home…it even has a circus tent for acrobatics!!

Your favorite color is green…and has been since forever. Because, as you say, “Green means go!!”.

Your favorite thing to eat right now is crepes with homemade jam. Sometimes it is really a pain and I would rather just make a freaking peanut butter and jelly for you.

You will try anything new…your are actually a very adventurous eater.

You still love to cook and I can literally trust you around the stove…often when I am having to do something for Blake I can yell across the room…Coen can you go flip the pancakes? Or chop some tomatoes (with a bread knife, that is)? Or whatever, really. You are very trustworthy and capable of many tasks in the kitchen.

You still having growing pains at night almost every week. You wake up crying and are inconsolable. It sucks, I wish they would stop.

You are FINALLY starting to sleep all night in your own bed. But you sometimes still crawl in with us and that is okay because we know there will be a time when you just don’t anymore.

Sometime when I look at you and you have an expression that I haven’t seen yet it makes me so sad that you are growing up into a young man and the little boy I know now will soon be just a picture on my wall.

Okay, I’m making myself cry now so I’ll stop here.



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