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Seattle Family Photographer ~ Preview

A few more of my favorites from the session I did last week. I love this job!


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Seattle Family Photographer – Sneak, sneak peek

You know what I love? Coming home from a photo shoot with sand in my shoes. That is a good indicator of a super fun session. You know what else I love? A family that obviously loves to be together and will go along with my silly ideas with a happy heart. I had so much fun this afternoon this family…more to come, soon!


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Seattle Family Photographer ~ Fremont

This family was a dream to photograph…we had so much fun bumming around the neighborhood of Fremont. The boys were AMAZING and by the end of the shoot they were giving ME ideas for photos I should take of them! It was awesome!
Enjoy the little peek!



Seattle Family Photographer ~ Sneak Peek

This family has been rescheduled countless times due to our sessions being rained out…so I had to post a quick photo from our SUNNY session this afternoon. Many more to come from these adorable little boys!

Sneak peek

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Seattle Family Photographer ~ Newborn

I had the pleasure of photographing this little sweetie when she was 3 weeks old but one day before her due date. Not that she needed any more time to grow her head full of hair, mind you! We had fun documenting their family for the morning. Thanks guys!









Grandma and Grandpa came over for a little snuggle, too. Hooray for first grandbabies!


Grandma had brought over this beautiful sunflower…so we had to get a quick shot with it.




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Seattle Family Photographer ~ Video

I sometimes wonder what preconceived ideas people have about what a family photography session will entail when they book me. And I often wonder if,  after the shoot is over, if they walk away thinking “did she get any good ones?” or “But we didn’t DO anything extra-ordinary”. Because my style is very follow-you-around-and-let-you-play-and-be-yourself there isn’t really that sense of “oh, we did that pose and that other pose and then we went here and she posed us there”.

It’s really hard to see the beauty in your own interactions as a family…the things that you do so automatically…leaning over to smooch your daughter or give a quick tickle just to hear her squeal with laughter. But those are the moments to I love to capture…the ones that you do when (usually) no-one is watching.

This is why I love seeing the video that Dave has shot when he shadows me at a session. For me as the photographer, it’s fun to see the moments in motion that I have caught as a still. So fleeting…just half a second, but that’s all it takes.

So I present to you Dave’s video from the last session we did. Such a lovely and authentic family. Enjoy!


Seattle Family Photographer

This family has, hands-down, the best little model I have yet to work with. She LOVED the camera and was the sweetest little thing! Most family shoots that involve little kids involves me running around trying to position myself “in the action” of the children so I can fire off a couple of shots before they move to something else. It is what I’m used to (with two little boys of my own that don’t really like being photographed) so it was pretty funny to me that I had to almost pretend like I wasn’t going to photograph her to get her to keep playing and just being her cute self!

She was also a great behind the scenes coach to for some of the shots of just mom and dad. I just *love* capturing a family just hanging out doing their thing and this family was just so easy and fun to work with. Thanks guys! Enjoy your sneak peek!









I must give credit to my little assistant for this idea…this was our **super secret** shot of Mom and Dad. 😉


Apparently I was feeling the love that day because there are a lot of shots of them kissing. 🙂








Seattle Family Photographer ~ Mini session

That’s right…I dragged another family out into the freezing cold for a photo shoot. 🙂 This is one of my very favorite families and I have been photographing them ever since their firstborn was just a tiny little thing. Deb received a beautiful frame as a Christmas present from her hubby this year and since they have recently gone from a family of three to a family of four they wanted a new family portrait to go in it!

Ritter Family

Ritter Family

Ritter Family

Ritter Family

Ritter Family

Ritter Family

Ritter Family

Ritter Family

Ritter Family

Ritter Family

Ritter Family

Thanks for the fun session, guys!

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Seattle Family Photographer ~ Alki Beach

When I received an email from this mother inquiring about a photo-session I was THRILLED when she used the words that most documentary-style photographers love to hear from their clients – creative, candid and fun. She had already gotten her yearly “everybody smile and look at the camera” shots and she really wanted some photos the showed the personalities of her kids and the love that she has for them. Enter me. 🙂

I had this hair-brained idea that it might be fun to head down to Alki beach and go tide-pool hunting…in January. Ummmmm…can we say, not the best idea in the world for freezing conditions?! She and her boys were seriously troopers as we wandered about and took a few photos before finally calling it good. Bonus? We get to do it again…in better weather. It wasn’t a total bust, though… see below for evidence. If you scroll all the way down there is also a fun little video that Dave put together with his new fancy camera.

Brooke I hope you like your mini-session preview!

Family Session ~ 1/9/11

Family Session ~ 1/9/11

Family Session ~ 1/9/11

Family Session ~ 1/9/11

Family Session ~ 1/9/11

Family Session ~ 1/9/11

Family Session ~ 1/9/11

Family Session ~ 1/9/11

Family Session ~ 1/9/11

Family Session ~ 1/9/11


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40 years!

You may remember some members of this family from their recent photo shoot. I had the pleasure of coming back to photograph their entire family together a couple of weekends ago in honor of their parent’s 40 year anniversary (40 years!!!). What an awesome thing to celebrate with a photo shoot! Enjoy the sneak peek!



When I’m a grandma, I want to look just like her! Aren’t they a fine-looking couple?!












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