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A year later…

Do you know what happens when you don’t blog (or for that matter, even turn on your computer) for more than a year? Every application you used (Flickr, WordPress) is now totally different and you have to relearn it all! Guess I should start posting more again! To start us off…here are a couple shots from a roll of film I had developed today! They are from a road trip to the ocean last Summer.

And now that I’ve used up the 20 minutes of Blake-playing-alone-time trying to log into wordpress and remember how to post photos, I must go. More later…(just how much later this time!?).


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Almost there

This is the time of the year that Seattle folks start wondering when the constant rain and cloudy skys will end. The time when people take to Facebook and post strings of naughty words combined with confusing/shock symbols ?!?!!!! This morning it snowed, even. But these were on my coffee table when I woke up this morning which means it is spring somewhere!! There is hope after all!


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It was one of those days where it feels like there is always someone a)throwing crap on the floor, b)messing with something, c)bouncing up and down, or d)neeeeeeeeding. Actually, I’m sure today was much like any other day, just that when you’re sick it seems like the constant hummmmm of activity is just too much to take! TGIF!!

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More from the archives…


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a little imperfection

One of my goals for 2012 was to stop getting wrapped up in photo perfection. I’ll admit that sometimes I won’t even pull out my camera unless the light is amazing and the setting is beautiful and interesting. But then I am missing so much!! Especially when you consider that I essentially live in a messy, windowless box, lol. Okay it’s not really that bad, but sometimes that’s how it feels.
My life does not take place in a sunny open field so of course my pictures should reflect that! The point is to capture the moments in their own unique beauty, right?
These are some old photos I took that I deemed not good enough to hit the blog…not perfect light…not perfect enviroment…but perfectly imperfect to me because this is how we *are*, really truly.


p.s. These photos were taken a while back after Blake had finished up some painting. I **LOVE** that in the bottom four you can see Coen come in from his cartoons to flip the crepe he is making. Just something about that is so him!

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Beach Combers

Beach combers


Museum of Flight


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A few days ago I went through my 2011 pictures to print some (42!) photos from the year and came across this one taken awhile ago with my 17-year-old manual focus film camera…I hadn’t liked the colors rendered in the film so much and thought “duh! De-saturate!”

This year I am keeping a folder called “yet to print” on my desktop that I will just copy selects into until I have enough that I want to send out…going through an entire year of photos takes forever!

Cheap film camera

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Mr. Geyer

I stole Dave this morning for a little photo shoot so I could test out some film…these are some I caught on digital to hold me over until I get the scans back. It is surprisingly difficult to take cool/not JCPenney catalog-esq photos of a single person, especially a male. We had fun though and I think he did awesome! Can’t wait to see the film versions.

My hubby

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We eat out probably (way!!) more than we should but we like our good food and pretty spaces – no big chain restaurants for us! (well, sometimes the spaghetti factory slips in there!). Luckily we never stopped eating out after the kids were born so they don’t think anything of spending a couple of hours sitting in a restaurant, phew!


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