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A new me

Below you will find the last photo of the 365 project. That’s right, I decided to end this series on my 100th shot. I have learned so much doing this project and have been hemming and hawing about it internally for a little while.

Here’s the thing…

a) Somethings gotta give…I only have a very limited amount of time to do my creative endeavors each day…and this project has been taking up ALL of that time. There have been days that I have skipped having dinner with my family, just so I can get it done and have a little time left over to blog or (shock!) just veg in front of the tube.

b) I am still really new to photography…and the other day after my sister asked me to take some photos of her and her boyfriend for their xmas gift I actually thought to myself “ack! I don’t know how to take photos of other people!” I worry that is somehow scewing my vision…that if I continue to only work on selfies, that it will shape me in a way that I won’t be able to change.

c) I have a book full of self portrait ideas…and plan to still do them occaisionally…maybe even more than occaisionally…but when I think that in order to finish the project I will have to do two hundred and sixty five more!!! It’s just too much…even after 100, which I think is a pretty good number of consecutive self portraits!

So that’s the end! I feel a certain amount of sadness about it…but then I say to myself, “Self…this isn’t the end, just the begining of something new.” And then I’m just so excited for the new chapter. So here it goes…my last and my first. Thanks you all for continuing to follow my journey!

100/100 - All done!




I’m 30 today!!!

Just a quick post before I finish packing for our trip to Colorado to see Dave’s wonderful family…

071/365 - Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I’ve wanted a new baby for awhile now…and I finally got one for my birthday!! Don’t freak out though…I’m talking about my new camera…the Nikon D90!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I haven’t had time to really play with it yet, I did use it to take today’s 365 photo! …and the one I will post below. I can’t wait to try it out on all of Coen’s cousins in Colorado!

I will be sad to see the D40 go to a new home though…I really loved that camera and was soooo used to feeling it in my hands. So far the new one is really awesome…and will allow me to have a little more freedom with photography. I can wait to sit down and read the manual page by page (yes, I’m that kind of girl).

I’ve certainly been a blog slacker these days…but after I return I think my batteries will be recharged and I’ll be posting like mad! That said…I have to go now and start packing! And I have so much to say too…sigh.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!! I may sneak in a post during the trip…but if not I’ll see you all when I return!

Curly grass



What a day…

You’ll have to click on the photo to read my blog for today…sorry!




I feel like I need to find my voice…my style in photography. If you take a look at my Flickr stream you will see a bunch of different looks…a few people have even commented that it looks like different photographers could be involved because of the stark contrast in styles. I want to find a style that is my own, that people would recognize as mine…but I suppose since I am still so new to this it will take a little more practice and a lot more shooting before I develop and age into a particular style. Here are a couple from the last two days…I’m thinking of doing sort of a dream-scape series over the next week or two…what do you think??



Ultimately, though, it’s really not my style…dreamy…but I like a little more edge to my photos…I guess I better keep working!

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In between wiping bottoms and baking…

In the last couple of days I’ve been discovering some amazing project 365 artists on Flickr. I like to tell myself that the really GREAT ones have all day long to set up their photo shoots making everything just perfect…no rushing, no distractions. And then it’s Halloween and they post a photo of their kids. It always blows me away. “They have kids? How in the world do they find the time?” I love that there are so many parents out there that – in between wiping bottoms and baking – find the time to indulge themselves in art. I love  that they are just like me…fending off toddlers while trying to get ready for their shot…running back into the kitchen to check on dinner…staying up way too late to get it all done.




Just one of those days

I’ve been really slacking on the blogging lately…forgive me. Dave has been working a lot…and when he’s not working he’s been playing shows with his hip hop group, Southside…and recording an album, too! Pretty awesome. But by the time I get dinner fixed and Coen off to bed and my 365 photo done, I don’t really have more energy for anything else. I promise to get back on this thing when I have some more time (hahahaha!!) and something more interesting to say. But if you miss me you can always check out my daily “selfie” here. But for those of you who are to lazy to click on links (I hear you!) here is my shot from today. Pretty much sums it up.



An era gone by


I can’t remember the last time I went dancing…which is really funny because I was a professional dancer for many years. In fact I can’t even remember the last time I even thought about that particular time in my life…I just kind of moved on. I had Dave dig my old toe shoes out of the shed for this shot…another thing I forgot…how utterly painful those things were. I haven’t put these shoes on for 10 years…10 years! They were from my ballet days…before I moved on to ballroom. Now don’t get all “oh my God I can’t believe you were a dancer!” on me because I wasn’t very good. In fact I’m a better photographer after only 5 months than I was a dancer after 10 years… and I’m not being modest!!

Coen has inherited the love of dance…and also the love of taking self-portraits. After I was done taking these shots he said to me “Mom…I gotta work on my project.” and started imitating me…he has some amazing imitation skills, yo!

Coen's version

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A little bit of texture


The lovely Leaca posted an awesome tutorial on textures the other day and I’ve been meaning to learn how to use them so THANK YOU LEACA!!!  For those who don’t know, texture is basically a photo of something with texture (duh) like concrete or wood which you pull over the top of your photo to give it, well, texture (you can see why I’m not a technical writer!). Check out some of Leaca’s skills here, here, and here.

This photo was fun to create…I was going to wear a long white dress for it but then chickened out since this scene is in the middle of a busy park. I got pretty funny looks anyway carrying my tripod, camera and a red balloon down to the little marsh…oh yes, a marsh…I didn’t realize that fact until I stepped into it and sunk 4 inches into the water. Maybe I’ll give it another go when there is some snow…and nobody is around.

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I promise to floss every day from now on.


I really hate going to the dentist.  I had to get an old filling that had cracked replaced today. I actually like my dentist…but she really sucks at administering local anesthetic. I had to stop her like 5 times to give me more.

“Really, you can feel it?” she says…”Yup, but I can’t feel my eyeball if that any consolation” I say.

I envy the people who never ever get cavities. They are my heroes.

Oh, and WordPress just added a poll gadget…so I have to try it out.

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Back to work…


Happy Monday everyone!! This is my ode to the begining of the work week.

So this is my 30th shot in the Project 365 series…and I’m turning 30 in 32 days…I love number plays…Coen was actually born on March 3rd (3/3) at 3:19pm…I really tried to hold out for those last 14 minutes so he could be born on 3/3 at 3:33pm…but just couldn’t do it (I know, I know…a weird thing to be thinking about when your giving birth to your first child, but what can I say…).

My little munchikn came down with a fever tonight, and actually fell asleep cuddling on the couch with me…which he NEVER does (the falling asleep part, not the cuddling part). Poor guy…so if my next couple of shots really suck…you’ll know why…scampers off to start Lysoling everything.


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