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There was a really funny post over at “navel gazing at its finest” the other day about mommy confessions. This lady is hilarious and so are the people who commented on the post! I don’t have many “confessions” yet but here are some that no one knows (until now):

1) When Coen was a newborn, I once dressed him up as a little girl…just to see what it would be like to have a daughter. Really the clothes were more metro-sexual – nothing pink – but they still did the job. She was so cute!

2) Sometimes I steal quarters out of Coen’s piggy bank for the parking meter…or coffee…when I don’t have any cash.

3) I give Coen way too many sweets…just so I can see his little face light up when I say “ice cream” or “M&Ms”.

4) I count the tomato paste on pizza as a vegetable serving.

Not too bad for a first time mommy, huh?



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