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Me and Coen, on the side of a bus?

Maybe! I just received word from Getty that a couple of my images have been sold! This thrills me to no end, especially since my entire existence for the last 14 weeks has pretty much been limited to work and sleep, sleep, sleep. Unfortunately Getty doesn’t tell you exactly how the images will be used, but they do tell you what the images are licensed for…one for a textbook, one for outdoor transportation (?!?!?), one for print ad/ magazine, and one for point of sale and trade-show. The last three are rights for the same image…so I’m guessing they are being used in a campaign for some kind of product…although since the image is of Coen and I making fishy faces, I’m not sure what they’d be selling!

So if anyone is ever in Portugal or Brazil (yup, that is where the company’s are from!) and see me on the side of a bus or on the cover of a textbook drop me a line, LOL!

Maybe the knowledge of actually selling a couple images will help me get my tush in gear and answer the email that Getty sent out asking for 5 more submissions from their contributors (eek, I’m a “contributor”). How lame is it that I’ve been blowing it off? I can hear my Dad now, “Oh, Kirsten”… I will, I will, get on that, right after my nap. 😉

In other news…oh wait…yawn, I have to get to bed…more later, really. I’m serious this time. How long does pregnancy exhaustion last again?




Getty/Flickr partnership goes LIVE!

And check it out! Here are my images!


Not my best work for sure, LOL, but I guess the pics  fit whatever niche Getty needed to fill! (and I swear if the one of my hubby and I gets used for Viagra or something like it I’m going to crack).

I was pretty convinced that once these images went through the “official” approval process the people at Getty would say to themselves “What the heck were we thinking when we chose these?” but to my shock they made it through!

It’ll be interesting to see if any of them sell…I’ll keep you all in the loop for sure!

A few things I learned during this experience…

– ALWAYS keep your original file, even if you NEVER think you will EVER use that photo for ANYTHING. You never know who’s eye they might catch.  I had just deleted a bunch of my files when I got the email from Getty and unfortunately one of the images they liked I had deleted (and my Flickr version had been downsized for faster uploading)! Boo hoo!

– Try to crop in camera as much as possible…I’m a notorious photoshop cropper and this also makes the file size too small for sale.

You can see more of the collection here.

But I’m still pretty excited! And it made up for the fact that we woke up this morning to a blizzard and had to cancel our photo-shoot with Jamie that we were so excited about!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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