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Summer time!

Some shots from some of our adventures this Summer! Mostly film…Fuji 400h and Trix 400 and a couple digi thrown in for good measure!













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Another day, another camera

So, yeah. My camera hoarding is starting to get a tad embarrassing. But there are just so many amazing film cameras that you can buy for SO CHEAP…it is really not my fault at all! Anyway…this is a test roll from a Yashica Electro 35 (I’d buy it on the cool name alone!) that I developed today. I shot the last few rolls at the beach and my heart was nearly broken when it jammed up at about frame 26. So I re-winded and developed it just to see what came out. Turns out it didn’t jam…I had just put a roll of Tri-x 24 exposure in, instead of my normal 36 exposures…duh!
Admittedly this thing is not ergonomic…it’s quite a little brick, in fact. But I muddled through and by the end of the roll I think I had it figured out. Actually about halfway through I though for sure I would be sending it back. It is really hard for me to get used to the ranger-finder viewfinder…but I am actually really pleased with the images, even though some are pretty overexposed (note the grain!). More so than with the Contax point and shoot that I blogged. I am currently running a roll of b&W through the contax and we’ll see which one wins the spot in my purse!

Yashica Electro 35, Kodak Tri-x 400, self-develop with d76

Yashica Electro 35 - Test roll

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The negative


I’m reading Ansel Adams ‘The Negative’…I am both inspired and slightly overwhelmed! The zone system, wah???

These two are from my last roll…Nikon F100, 35mm fixed lens (which I realized with my last roll is not a full frame lens boohoo), Kodak Tri-X. Waiting for the rest of the roll to dry…accidentally pulled these a tad to soon and they curled up which makes for difficult scanning.

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…and again with the self-develop!

Are you getting bored yet?! This is just so much fun and I couldn’t wait to try my hand with the 35mm film. I am happy to report that loading the film was a freaking breeze compared to loading medium format! My plan today was to shoot a roll of 35mm film to develop and scan…but I ended up only getting through about 22 images (we had a very trying day, child-wise!) and by about dinner I just wanted to move on so I rewind the film without exposing the rest of the roll (remember I have no patience for waiting!!).
I have to say that I really am a color girl when it comes to photography. When I was shooting digital, though, I did have a few images that always screamed out to be b&w…usually it was the photos that had an emotion that I really wanted to zone in on…a look…the shadows. And even in these last two days of shooting black and white film I have started to see shoots so much differently. When shooting color I mostly look for the quality of light and how it surrounds the subject…and with B&W I find myself seeking out the shadows…and focusing on not just pretty, but soulful.
I can definitely see why photojournalists and street photographers rely heavily on b&w! One other challenge I’ve encounter with b&w is that you absolutely MUST nail the exposure. There is no room for error here! With color film you almost always want to overexpose and there is quite a bit of room for error. You can over expose by up to 4 stops (!!) with a good film and it will still be amazing. (Side note…you usually must under-expose with digital because you can easily blow out the highlights…and you pretty much always have to do post-production, ie photoshop, with digital…which is the main reason I have been using film…I hate me some post production hardcore!!).
Anyway! That turned into a very long post that I’m sure you have no interest in! And don’t let me fool you into thinking I know anything…:) Just mulling over what I am learning.
Here are some of the shots I took…I just wanted to be quick so grab some stuff that I thought would be fun to mess with…what? Still life? Not really me…but good fun for a test roll!
p.s for some reason the software I am using to combine the photos is making them appear out of focus…which is super annoying…so just pretend they are actually in focus until I get that resolved, kay?

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