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Why my husband is RAD…number…actually I’ve stopped counting at this point

Not to get all mushy on you guys, but my husband rocks! Coen has been needing mommy’s attention more than usual these days…I guess I am the “it” parent right now. Last night Dave and I had a rare night out…together…without Coen. We had to take separate cars because he had to load in his band stuff and I had to stay to meet the babysitter (thanks again Alisha!) and put Coen to bed. I offered up myself to be the sober driver so he could get a little crazy and let loose  and we thought that leaving the truck downtown would be the perfect excuse to go get breakfast at Glo’s, our old neighborhood breakfast joint. But then after a satisfying morning of egg’s bene and mickey mouse pancakes we were in too much of a food coma to remember that the whole reason we went back to the “hill” was to pick up the dang truck!

Fast forward to after nap time and much “Coen, stop climbing on Mommy!” “Coen, mommy will be back in a second, she just went to the bathroom” Dave took Coen on an impromptu bus ride to go pick up the truck and make a little adventure out of it while mommy chills. (I find it fitting that when you become a parent you all of a sudden start referring to yourself in third person.) And while that’s nice what makes it rock is that he did it even after I broke my promise to let him sleep in this morning and crawled into bed at 9 and forced him to get up and deal with Coen crying for Mommy for twenty minutes. I can be such a jerk 🙂

Now if I could only stop feeling guilty for “just chilling” my life would be absolutely perfect!



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