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 I have no idea what is wrong with WordPress lately but posting anything at all is such a pain! Grrrr. I’m trying to get better about posting and stupid wordpress is not helping! Anyway…just a couple random pics. Left is Fuji 400h and Right is digi! This boy is giving us a run for our money this Summer!


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I’m 30 today!!!

Just a quick post before I finish packing for our trip to Colorado to see Dave’s wonderful family…

071/365 - Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I’ve wanted a new baby for awhile now…and I finally got one for my birthday!! Don’t freak out though…I’m talking about my new camera…the Nikon D90!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I haven’t had time to really play with it yet, I did use it to take today’s 365 photo! …and the one I will post below. I can’t wait to try it out on all of Coen’s cousins in Colorado!

I will be sad to see the D40 go to a new home though…I really loved that camera and was soooo used to feeling it in my hands. So far the new one is really awesome…and will allow me to have a little more freedom with photography. I can wait to sit down and read the manual page by page (yes, I’m that kind of girl).

I’ve certainly been a blog slacker these days…but after I return I think my batteries will be recharged and I’ll be posting like mad! That said…I have to go now and start packing! And I have so much to say too…sigh.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!! I may sneak in a post during the trip…but if not I’ll see you all when I return!

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