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I’m no Barbara Walters

Christina over at Momology did a really cute little interview with her daughter a few days ago. I really wanted to do a similar interview with Coen for his birthday but this was all I got…

Me: What is your favorite food?

Coen: No!

Me: Okay…What is something that you do really well?

Coen: STOP! Why are you asking me those silly questions? Why don’t you ask me if I want to go bowling or if I want to go to the Bouncy Place? That would be a good question.

I was laughing so hard and that was about as far as we got…maybe next year.

He models for M&Ms…

I think this scary face was taken a bit too far…
lil devil

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Just because…

…look at that face!!! Have I mentioned I love my new camera? And of course my delicious little sweet cheeks. Coen was amazingly angelic today…even though he didn’t get more than 10 minutes of a nap. We had to do a HUGE grocery run and although he is usually pretty good at the store, he was perfect today. It kind of knocked my socks off. I’m so looking forward to year three! ūüėČ




Today I caught puke in my hands…

…after fishing out a big long string of cheese from Coen’s throat. Does that mean I’ve truly “arrived” as a mother? I certainly hope so. Don’t worry, though. Coen wasn’t bothered by the incident even one little bit. And with a face like this…I’d do¬†anything else for this little munchkin.

20081212-DSC_0064 copy2

Oh yeah…and that’s not all that happened today. You have to click on the photo below to read about my own “incident”, LOL!


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New Toys

Dave got a new toy today…a¬†fancy synthesizer/keyboard. We are all pretty excited about it…Dave for the new sounds and beats he can create (thank goodness it has a headphone jack), Coen so he can play “just like Daddy”, and me so I can brush up on the piano skills that are pretty much gone now since I haven’t touched a keyboard in 10 years or so.

You probably already know that every kid has an innate ability to recognize the exact moment that you want to be left alone. Dave and I had a funny exchange as Coen was pushing all the buttons on Dave’s new toy and Dave was getting frustrated because he just wanted a few minutes to enjoy his new purchase (and I of course was not helping at all, sitting there taking pictures). After Dave gave me “the look” I said “aw, just let him play with it for a minute and then he’ll move on to something else” but then the universe must have heard me and demanded I learn my own lesson because right after I said that Coen started reaching for my camera and I immediately said “no touching mommy’s camera”. Ha ha, shame on me.

Here are some pics…

New Keyboard

New Keyboard

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There was a really funny post over at “navel gazing at its finest” the other day about mommy confessions. This lady is hilarious and so are the people who commented on the post! I don’t have many “confessions” yet but here are some that no one knows (until now):

1) When Coen was a newborn, I once dressed him up as a little girl…just to see what it would be like to have a daughter. Really the clothes were more metro-sexual – nothing pink – but¬†they still did the job. She was so cute!

2) Sometimes I steal quarters out of Coen’s piggy bank for the parking meter…or coffee…when I don’t have any cash.

3) I give Coen way too many sweets…just so I can see his little face light up when I say “ice cream” or “M&Ms”.

4) I count the tomato paste on pizza as a vegetable serving.

Not too bad for a first time mommy, huh?



Why my husband is RAD…number…actually I’ve stopped counting at this point

Not to get all mushy on you guys, but my husband rocks! Coen has been needing mommy’s attention more than usual these days…I guess I am the “it” parent right now. Last night Dave and I had a rare night out…together…without Coen. We had to take separate cars because he had to load in his band stuff and I had to stay to meet the babysitter (thanks again Alisha!) and put Coen to bed. I offered up myself to be the sober driver so he could get a little crazy and let loose¬†¬†and we¬†thought that leaving the truck downtown would be the perfect excuse to go get breakfast at Glo’s, our old neighborhood breakfast joint. But then after a satisfying morning of egg’s bene and mickey mouse pancakes we were in too much of a food coma to remember that the whole reason we went back to the “hill” was to pick up the dang truck!

Fast forward to after nap time and much “Coen, stop climbing on Mommy!” “Coen, mommy will be back in a second, she just went to the bathroom” Dave took Coen on an impromptu¬†bus ride to go pick up the truck and make a little adventure out of it while mommy chills. (I find it fitting that when you become a parent you all of a sudden start referring to yourself in third person.) And while that’s nice what makes it rock is that he did it even after I broke my promise to let him sleep in this morning and crawled into bed at 9 and forced him to get up and deal with Coen crying for Mommy for twenty minutes. I can be such a jerk ūüôā

Now if I could only stop feeling guilty for “just chilling” my life would be absolutely perfect!



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