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Bump and Grind – a gift for YOU!

 Okay, I’m a day late…but in my defense I thought Valentine’s Day was on Monday. 😉

I wanted to give you all a little gift to show my appreciation for your constant encouragement and sincere comments so I made you a little something I hope you’ll like!

Do you ever wish your photos had a little extra “oomph?” Do you curse at Photoshop when no one is watching? Do you just not have the time or inclination to learn how to edit your photos? Well, on this holiday that celebrates love…I thought you might like a little “action” to go along with it. So I created an action for Photoshop that combines all the things that I typically do to a photo to give it that little something something, before I really set to work on editing. I even named it “Bump and grind”…to go with the Valentine’s Day feeling!

Here are some samples of it in “action”!

Pretty cute…but a little flat.

Subtle…but different.



This action is meant to be subtle enough to use on most photos…it doesn’t add funky color casts and it gives the image just a little more dimension (at least I think so!). You can use it as-is (just hit the play button on your action menu) or you can do your dodging and burning on the layer titled “Dodge and Burn” (duh).

If you don’t know photoshop well, just skip this part…
This dodge and burn method doesn’t use the actual dodge and burn tools. Just grab a white paint brush, set to 10% and make sure you’re on the Dodge and Burn layer and paint over the parts you want lighter…it shouldn’t affect the shadows if you paint over them (well…technically speaking, anything that is darker than 50% grey).
To darken the darks (won’t affect anything lighter than 50% grey) just grab a black brush and paint over the parts you want to darken! Easy peasy!

There you have it! Again…this isn’t meant to dramatically alter your photo…just get it to looking good before you reach for all your other fancy stuff!

This action was created with Photoshop CS2 and I have no idea if it works on Photoshop elements…but if you try it and it does, I’d love to hear it! Oh and just because I am lazy…if you are wondering about how to install actions…click here!

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

Click HERE to unwrap your gift!



Winter Blahs

I was going through some old summer photos this afternoon and found this little gem…

DSC_1528 copy

Summer can’t come soon enough.


Two posts in a row…

…without any pictures…I can’t stand it any longer! Here you go…

Watch out...


Staying true to yourself

Photography is probably the only thing that I have in my life that is truly mine. I am uber protective of it…really it is kind of ridiculous. It’s probably no secret that I am working on building a portfolio…and I get a lot of advice from well meaning people about what I should do…which of course tends to be what they like or what they think would bring in the big bucks. But guess what…I’m not listening!! hahahaha!!!!

When my portfolio is finished it will be full of the images that speak to me…and I could really care less if I ever make any money with my photography. I would be happy as a clam going through the rest of my life just snapping the shots that I am inspired to snap. Sure, it’d be cool (okay, amazing/awesome) if someone else liked them too and wanted to pay me to create more of them…but I need to keep this thing mine.

And hey…this guy couldn’t agree more. Check out his inspiring words.



Long time no blogging…I know I suck. 😉

Last night I went to see the band, Lefthead, who I might be working with to create some images for their press kit. Of course I had to take some shots of them in action…it was super fun and I was reminded how incredibly hard it is to take good shots in the virtual darkness…and of a band that is totally rocking out! I was intent on not using flash because I wanted to capture the “feel” of the stage (okay, that, and the fact that I don’t actually own a off camera flash, LOL!).
I think I got a few cool shots and hopefully I’ll get the chance to work with them again and we can do a proper shoot (and I can get the rest of the band in the shots, sorry dudes)!

Here are some of my favorites…






My personal favorite…can you say ROCKSTAR??

Thanks Lefthead!!!


In other news…yesterday morning I met up with a fellow photographer/blogger, Jamie of UmbrellaBlog. It was so fun to meet someone from the virtual world in real life and talk “geek” for a while! AND…she’s going to be doing a photo session with us!!!!!! I am SO excited I can hardly stand it…she is a wonderful photographer and I know she’ll get some awesome shots of the fam! WOOT!

She also just started another blog in collaboration with a Chicago photographer and today they are having a virtual blog warming party complete with a fantastic giveaway! Go. Check. It. Out!!!!

, ,



What in the world?!?!?!?!

The Getty Images team has noticed your work on Flickr, and is pleased to offer you an invitation to enroll with them. They have selected 5 of your photos for possible inclusion in the program.

This is part of an email I received today, from GETTY IMAGES…it totally rocked my world!!!!!!

The program they are talking about is this one. Check it out!  Woot!

That’s is all I can really say at this point…I am in processes of reading through contracts and crazy stuff that I never though I’d have to read…but I’ll let you know more as it comes!

I guess it pays to be a Flickr member! Yipee!


7 Questions

So this just goes to show you guys what a truly lame blogger I am…

About a month ago a fellow photographer (and a personal inspiration to me) Leaca interviewed me for her photography blog.  She does a really fantastic interview series called “7 Questions” and I was truly thrilled that she want to do one on me! You can go over there to check it out…hey late is better than never, right? And make sure you read some of the other interviews that she’s done, too…very cool stuff.

One last thing…I somehow managed to delete all my sidebar links to my favorite sites, which is just as well since I hadn’t updated it since I started this blog. I found a bunch of really inspiring sites and it is my personal goal this week to get it back up and running again! Who knew blogging had this much administration stuff to worry about?

Oh and one more shot from the other day…check it out, you can see our house in the bubble!







_DSC0488 copy




What would you do?

Remember this self portrait?

Looking forward

Well a couple of weeks ago one of my favorite photography websites, Digital Photography School, put out a call for submissions for their “What would you do game” (a game for people to practise their photo editing skills)…and on a whim I submitted my straight out of the camera version of the shot above. Head on over there to check out some of the crazy edits people came up with…and to see my really really unedited shot (eeew). Some of them really made me laugh…




I had my second newborn shoot this morning…I have to say I’m lovin’ it! Baby Farrow is 3 weeks old and just the sweetest little thing ever…and check out her hair!! She was as alert as could be but I managed to get her to sleep for some “traditional” newborn pics.
Thanks Teri and Matt for letting me hang out with you this morning! You are truly blessed to have such a precious little girl. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek!











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