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A little bit of texture


The lovely Leaca posted an awesome tutorial on textures the other day and I’ve been meaning to learn how to use them so THANK YOU LEACA!!!  For those who don’t know, texture is basically a photo of something with texture (duh) like concrete or wood which you pull over the top of your photo to give it, well, texture (you can see why I’m not a technical writer!). Check out some of Leaca’s skills here, here, and here.

This photo was fun to create…I was going to wear a long white dress for it but then chickened out since this scene is in the middle of a busy park. I got pretty funny looks anyway carrying my tripod, camera and a red balloon down to the little marsh…oh yes, a marsh…I didn’t realize that fact until I stepped into it and sunk 4 inches into the water. Maybe I’ll give it another go when there is some snow…and nobody is around.

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