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Our little monkey

Coen has pretty much always been a cautious little boy. He never really does anything without thinking about it long and hard. When we go somewhere new he will quietly survey the scene, watching what everyone is doing and then tentatively start exploring on his own. This is not typical two-year old behavior, for those of you who don’t have kids. Most two-year olds dive head first into any possible dangerous situation that they can think of. Not Coen. This has it’s obvious benefits…we haven’t had any major bleeders, falls, or incidences losing him in a shopping mall yet. But it definitely baffles his parents who are not the cautious type. His behavior today at the park shocked us both. Up he went, climbing a treacherous – I’m not sure what they call it – ladder type thing that led up to the play structure. And then he climbed up the big slide too. He was so proud of this accomplishments that he actually bowed to us at the end (apparently thanking us for our support). Here are some pics.

 Too cold?

Up high

Climbing the slide

Sliding 3


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