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Point and shoot in film

The cool thing about film is that instead of using photoshop or actions to create a “look” to your photos you use film stocks, development and well, cameras! Every camera, every lens gives a little something different. I decided I wanted a little carry around point and shoot film camera to replace some of the images I am now taking with my phone and bought the Contax TVSii (because you can’t go wrong with Zeiss glass, even in a point and shoot!).
It is an itty bitty thing compared to my other cameras and ITS ALL AUTOMATIC. Most people would think that would be easier than shooting manually, but I am so used to just making all the adjustments and getting exactly what I want that it was actually a little scary to use at first. Literally you turn the thing on and “snap” the photo. So weird!! Also the viewfinder is similar to a rangefinder in that you aren’t actually looking into the barrel of the lens, just a little glass window that gives you no information on focus (but this baby focuses super fast and silently) or exposure.
I think I need to run a few more rolls through this baby to decide if I am going to keep it. Maybe I am just a bells and whistles kinda gal? Or maybe I am just a control freak.

Contax TVSii, Kodak Portra 160Contax point and shoot/Film

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Point and Shoot

In honor of leaving my camera at a friends house the other day and a conversation with my photog friend Ryann, here are a few photos from back in the day when I didn’t have a super cool Nikon D40. Who says you can’t just point and shoot?


This one was taken in Cabo where Dave’s parents own an incredible condo on the beach…also the site of the infamous surprise pregnancy test. Tequila? What tequila?

First Halloween

Coen’s first trip to the pumpkin patch.


Coen’s little feet get me every time.

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